Happy New Year 2017!





The fox says happy new year

Surprise! Happy New Year!

So excited to say these words! This is also the first cornerstone for Punica to begin a long adventure with you all. We wish the best things would come to you and Punica would stay closer and closer with our beloved audiences in 2017. Punica hopes to deliver the most wonderful experiences to audiences and our ultimate goal is nothing more than your support and satisfaction.

Let’s take the wraps off! We know what you want for your skin; but what we focus is trying to understand what your skin needs. We create great cosmetic product reviews in order to provide a wide vision for your decision making of skin care regimen, “How products work effectively to benefit your skin.” Also, we share lots of useful tips that provide an advanced routine to help resolve different issues of all skin types, such as aging signs, large pores, uneven skin tone or break outs. Besides, we update new hot trending makeup products that are suitable to your face, your skin types and even, seasons. That’s just my little leaking, there will be more and more than that.

We believe that our efforts are adding values to your lives, girls, “you deserve the best come to you, love yourself and beautiful things will happen.” Punica loves to accompany you in this journey to find miracles and ambition in your gorgeousness. Punica is currently expansive with multiple channels, including website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Actually, we are now trying at our best to open innovative ideas toward video sharing social media platforms, especially Youtube. Please, follow us and give us feedback to have tremendous moments. Can’t wait to see what we will have together in this year!

Best Regard!


Oh, hold on! Punica earnestly wants to share 5 Stunning Makeup Looks for the coming New Year’s Eve. So excited we’re about to step onto another year with lots of surprising things that’re gonna knock our doors. I really hope you find enjoyable and happy with Punica ever after.

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