Makeup has been changing constantly through generations. Look at my mom’s and my grandma’s pictures! They looked still gorgeous with simply foundation, mascara and lipstick on. They told me they put makeup on occasionally. But, it seems we’ve made it to become more “everyday.” This issue might come from changes in women’s self-esteem.

Let’s recap a little bit about this concept. The self-esteem consists of two main parts, self efficacy and self-respect. The first one is merely our thoughts about how we’re able to control and direct our own lives. Another is our beliefs about our inherent value that we deserve to be happy. Many studies have proved a low self-esteem in women rather than men. I may be not surprised about this when women seem to be so complicated psychologically. Then, usually, we tend to be swallowed thoughts that bring us down for something we’ve desired and not achieved for ourselves yet, particularly “I’m not pretty enough.” That’s so typical! Even me, I also have that kind of thoughts sometimes.

Slight Arched or Curved Eyebrows

Cosmetic industry might be smart when targeting what women obsessively concern about and hence, making lots of money from this tho. Every year, I see a plethora of different makeup products that’ve been released on market, lip glosses, foundations, mascaras, eyeshadow palettes and so on. All of them are just for women who haven’t felt satisfied with their own appearance.

We try to slather makeup layers that promise to bring the most flattering for our faces, bigger eyes, fuller looking lips, flawless skin and younger looks. This makes us feel more confident about ourselves when looking at mirror or being looked at by others. I gotta admit that I rarely leave the house without at least lipstick on. Now, hundreds of makeup tutorials have been uploaded on video sharing social media platforms, like YouTube for girls who have severe acne problems. Makeup seems to bring a revolution that boost women’s self confidence.

However, is it ok to wear lots of makeup layers so frequently? Although the makeup you’re wearing is really expensive from prestigious brands, it’s gonna still leave somehow side effects on your face. Remember cosmetics is chemical embedded and imagine you’re putting it on your face everyday. In fact, this trend is also because we’ve been bombarded by how societies judge our appearance via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

I really adore Alicia Keys, a very well-known American singer and model. She did announce that she wouldn’t wear makeup anymore, even on the stage. “I don’t want to cover up any more. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing” said Alicia Keys. That’s really a powerful speech! I think wearing makeup is nice to make us feel proud of ourselves; but it’s not a standard to judge our value and beauty. Makeup is an art, not a delusion. Don’t let other voices get in your mind. You’re inherently beautiful in your own ways and you deserve someone who truly see your beauty. Let’s feel confident and cherish ourselves everyday in our own skin.

Jennifer Tress
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