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We’ve been trying lots of makeup products or hacks for a younger and magnificent look that makes us feel more confident in the public. However, we might not know some of makeup techniques that unfortunately tend to make us older. Let’s check them out whether or not you used to be in these situations.

1. Too Dark Eyeliner

overdone eyeliners
We usually do dark eyeliner on upper lashes to open the eyes up. But, it’s kinda going astray if do too many black liners on top and bottom lashes, your eyes can become smaller and make you look older than you really are. Some women might be tricked by how fabulously models look on magazines with a thick dark cover on their whole eyes. In fact, it makes wrinkles and fine lines are more noticed.

2. Too Powdery Texture

powdery coverage
Young and healthy skin tends to naturally reflect light, glowing or dewy surface. If you apply too much powder, your face is gonna look washed out and dreary. You can have another better choice that gives more translucent effect and a natural sheen.

3. Abusing Lip Liner

excessive lip liners

Lip liner originally helps to contour your lip features and keep long-lasting lipstick color for all day. In contrast, heavily applied or darker shaded lip liner makes your lips unnaturally pop out on your face and even, look smaller and tighter. Then, you might look older. You should put lightly lip liner that’s gonna match your skin color for a more natural look.

4. Fingertips Blending

Makeup sponge blending

Using fingertips to spread foundation or concealing cream is so wrong. This might make your surface become blotchy and cakey. Moreover, lots of bacteria and oils that are on your fingers can block your pores and hence, cause acne breeding on your skin. To be safe for your skin as well as have a total blended surface, you should use a makeup sponge or brush for flawless coverage.

5. Spider Lashes

Spider eyelashes

It might be now back in trend and described as boldly-sculpted lashes. It looks really gorgeous on model pictures but, virtually, how to make it without an aging look might be not easy. Mascara that’s gonna create spider effects on eyelashes tends to be clumpy and make lashes stick together, which can intensify wrinkles and crow feet around your eyes. Let’s pick mascara to bring about voluminous lash primer which instantly boosts every lash look for a youthful face.

6. Excessive Highlight

Uneven contouring

Contour and highlight seem to be really needed in makeup to make accentuate every facial feature. However, a heavy application might age up your appearance. It could cause remarkable and unblended lines on your skin. If you haven’t been able to give up it yet, you need to lighten the highlight applied and make sure to totally blend all of the contouring lines for naturally defining your cheekbones, nose or chin.

7. Massive Concealer Under Eyes

exaggerate concealer under eyes

We might attempt to put on too much concealer for a high cover on dark circles or flaws on our skin. I gotta say that it might have drawbacks to your look. Day by day, concealing cream can be slowly absorbed into skin textures and then, damage inside. Creases and wrinkles can appear under your eyes.

8. Misleading Blush

Effective blush makeup

Blush can make us look younger because we warm up colour of our cheek; otherwise, it can add up our age if we put it in the wrong place. Don’t focus blush on the apples of your cheeks. Let’s apply it to your cheekbones that can lift up your facial features. Moreover, it also depends on which color you’re gonna pick for your cheeks. Darker hues certainly age up your skin appearance and lighter shades might be good choices for a fresh and youthful look.

9. Foundation Color Mismatch

Mismatching foundation color with skin tone
Choosing foundation color is important to decide the final result of your makeup. Most young girls might have this mistake when wearing a color that’s so disparate from their original skin tone. A lighter base makes your face look lifeless and dull, while the darker tends to bring heaviness to your face that makes you look older. Your skin tone can’t always stay in the same shade from season to season. Just make notice about this and consider picking the right foundation color for your skin that will serve your natural beauty.

Thank you so much for your reading today and hope you like it! If you have any ideas about this topic, I’m really glad for your response and participation. Please, together make it more interesting.

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