Infographic: Let’s Makeup to Look Like Taylor Swift





Infographic Lets Makeup to Look Like Taylor Swift

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  1. Apply mattifying foundation with a proper shade for a fair skin tone.
  2. Put lightly creamy concealer to under eyes, nose, bottom and upper lips and forehead.
  3. Gently pat makeup powder for a perfect complexion finish. Use a round brush to apply the product under eyes, two wings of nose, chin and forehead.
  4. Slightly contour the outer regions of your face with a bronzing powder to intensify Taylor Swift’s pale skin.
  5. Pick velvety-matte taupe eyeshadow for whole eyelids.
  6. Use a neutral shade, like soft brown to intensify the creases for the dept of your eyes and create a bit smokey effect for lower lash lines.
  7. Use a brow pencil to define really thin, high arched eyebrows with light or yellow brown color.
  8. Carefully draw cat eyes with black gel eyeliners by gradually creating noticeable wings or fine flicks at the end to upper lashes.
  9. Red lips are one of the most typical features of Taylor Swift. Firstly, use red lip liners to shape your lips. Then, fill in your whole lips with a red matte finish.
  10. Don’t forget to use false eyelashes and voluminous mascara for a seductive look.
  11. Add a bit shimmer to the inner corner of the eyes, nose, upper and lower lips and two sides of brow bones to accentuate the face features by fingertips.
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