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Summer night smokey eye makeup with peachy pink

Winter is a cold, ruling queen making temperature drop down so bad, granting chilly, sparkling atmosphere. We couldn’t wait to seek for cosiness from anything we have next to our friends and families. I really enjoyed the hygge of sitting together, sipping hot chocolate, piercing macaroni with cheese on top. It’s the time for thoughts with intimate conversations that you wouldn’t forget.

Early Spring might be annoyingly a bit rainy and cool. Summer is gonna be sassy, it’s perfect for folk to tear down silence and passive self. Sun starts taking over with shines brightly to warm us up. It belongs to fantastic vacation and adventure. leave work and school behind. Nothing can’t hold us back for outdoor life, hiking, camping, swimming or riding bike. You may be even startled how wonderful night is, such a bustled scene. Unhesitantly, hang out with buddies, relax on the lake or eat delectable barbecues.

The rhythm of “Summer Nights” song gets stuck in my head; also whispers along soft breeze flying through. Let’s meet someone new, experience and create our own enchanting memories. I’m so inspired to bring some ideas about chic, easy makeup look for summer night outs to hit the town.

1. Primer

A flawless, airy appearance can’t neglect how surprisingly primer does its’ job to help our dreamers achieve. After skin care; but also before foundation, apply primer all over your face necessarily to smooth out all of fine lines or wrinkles as well as tighten enlarged pores. That serves for a long-lasting, seamless coverage. At the moment, my favourite is Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, which has flatteringly amazed lots of users. It’s oil-free so it’s inclined to make your skin naturally stunning rather than add up luminosity.

2. Skin Corrector

I’d love to utilize skin correctors to neutralize my skin. It can’t be helped since recently wrestles with redness and acne scars, particularly around my cheeks; also, dark, shallow areas under my eyes. Well, I guess the product is can’t-live-without to me. Just mention this to ensure I won’t omit anything for an impeccable, fabulous look. Furthermore, you should pick right shades of skin corrector to effectively resolve discolorations onto different skin tone. I did list out ideal color correcting products for variety of pesky problems on my previous post of Bridal makeup.

3. Foundation

It’s great if you have prepared an ideal foundation for warm seasons. It should be weightless, very natural. More humidity is provided in the air so there is no worry for flaky, scaly looking skin. Thanks to summer, skin tends to be supple and stay moisturized. So, applying a lightweight moisturizer adequately hydrates skin throughout the night. Avoid slathering creamy, heavy foundations, which are more likely to block your pores; then, should be reserved for winter. full coverage is not go-to in this time; instead, it’s preferable for a healthy, featherweight feeling.

Tiny Sebaceous glands is inclined to produce more sebum and noticeable sheen appears onto surface. You’re able to confidently save it for a glowy skin. This seems to beautifully brighten you up in the blackness. However, overwhelmingly sticky, shiny look may be troublesome; we all want to make it happen in reasonable way I bet. That can be incredible if you can find the product delivering a balance between matte and dewy finishes. It’s not utterly supposed to work for an illuminating result, which is extraordinarily gifted to this season. My suggest is Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. Otherwise, you can use foundation made of ingredients that function for sebum management to keep the surface cleaned and refreshed.

4. Concealer

Concealer will be an instant solution to gorgeously cover up the most stubborn imperfection on face. I’ve been disgruntled desperately for my whopping blemishes, hyperpigmentation and raccoon eyes. Sunlight seems to be more intense in hot weather, then, probably, we get more uneven, dark spots and acne because of over sweating tho. Gently apply concealer upon eye bags, darkness around nose and mouth; additionally, to cover nasty zits. You can pick the shade is either same as foundation or a bit lighter. The dark shade can worsen your makeup, it’s inclined to get darker when putting finishing powder on top later and cause muddy, patchy marks.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer is ideal for airbrushed looking coverage with velvety, extremely lightweight texture. This is one of my secret beauty weapon. I gotta say the product literally glides onto skin and plumps up areas that seem to sink down, especially underneath the eyes with its’ moisturizing core.

Summer night brown and metallic gold eyeshadow

5. Eyeshadow

Pop of bright colors, such as pink, coppery brown, gold, peachy hues jump out at me to trigger lively, energetic . It depends on our creativity, girls! There are two eye makeup look that I want to show and would be elegantly glamorous under the dazzling stars.

The first one is peachy brown eyeshadow. Sweep warm brown shade with matte finish to crease and blend upward. Add more intensity to both inner and outer corners with slightly darker brown. After that, get a small, rounded brush to mix purpley shade with medium reddish brown. Place onto once again the inner and outer corners. Also, softly run to lower lash line to complete our smokey effect. Grab a fluffy brush to gradually blend it out. Pick a pink metallic shade with the hint of gold to nestle on the center of the lid. Finally, take light peachy pink into the inner corner.

If you ask for a much simpler way, there is another choice with brown and glittery golden shades. Blending a matte shade much lighter than your skin tone from lash line up to brow bone. Apply a shimmery champagne shade probably having yellow undertone all over the lid. As the previous method, set warm brown into crease and blend in shield wiper’s motion. Blend a dark brown into outer crease; simultaneously, smudge to lower lash line. Next, lightly press a light to medium coppery brown to outer half of lid. Finally, dab frosted, pearly golden shade to the inner half of lid.

Most of these shades I can find in the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette with bunch of popular peachy and brown colors providing shimmery; but also matte effects.

6. Contour

Doing highlight is occasionally important that you want to accentuate your facial features. Definitely yearn for a irresistible, alluring look. Actually, I’m kinda clumsy; so contour stick is absolutely my go-to choice. It’s merely two shade darker foundation stick to map out your face.

Slightly trace the temples by carrying straight into hairlines. That tends to narrow your forehead. Also, bring out the cheekbones by placing the contour into hollow areas beneath your cheek. Visualize contouring line from the top of your ear and moderately gliding down to the corner of your mouth. But, it’s gonna stop at where your pupil is. Additionally, the thicker part is supposed to be at the begin. Don’t be exaggerated to put too much contour on your cheek that make you turn to be “fish face”.

Besides, follow along your jawlines by starting at the corners. You can intensify the definition of jawlines to look slimmer and create coveted V line shape. Draw two lines on the side of your nose to make it appears to be skinnier and narrower. Some tricks are available obtaining a perfect sculpt. starting from the brows so your nose looks longer; also, applying underneath nose’s tip; hence, it looks smaller and lifted up. Eventually, hold your beauty blender to spread out evenly. Obviously, your face seems to be sculpted spectacularly. Likewise, the contour delivers sexy, sunkissed tan upon your skin.

7. Finishing Powder

Apply powder on top for long-lasting makeup. I usually utilize powder contour kit to set the foundation in place. Dip the makeup brush into darker shade to apply on the areas I defined with contour; otherwise, the lighter shade when enhancing the features that are high points of my face. Highly recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, which consists of six blendable formulas. You can flexibly create your own contour; but also, highlight in natural way.

8. Eyebrows

Bushy, arched brows are incredibly striking for a chic, marvelous appearance and recently, very on-trend. You can check out my post of how to shape 3 perfect eyebrows for your face to nail it. Make sure you do hair-like strokes to gradually fill in gaps of your brows for thicker look. Moreover, brush them up with tinted brow gel to add tone and definition.

9. Lipstick

nude pink and deep red are something I’m really inquisitive to wear on festive summer nights are. I desire they’re full coverage; however not too much shiny. furthermore, use lip liner to shape out your lips. Nars Scarlet Empress Semi Matte lipstick genuinely delivers bold, dark red; but not too dark. I know this should be more suitable for fall and winter; however, the hue is so mysterious and tempting.

Moreover, nude, baby pink is not hard to find I guess. For me, Nars Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte astoundingly brings about pale coral pink with smooth, silky texture like a dream.

I hope you enjoy these makeup looks for summer night outs. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear you out. Thank you so much for joining us!


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