Review: Innisfree – Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum SPF35 PA+++

I used to undergo a hard time that I thought it would never have an end. This is a confession of oily, combination and acne-prone skins. I know how it feels, so greasy and irritated upon T-zone or anywhere on the face. You are too busy with work so don’t have time for going into bathrooms to wash out your face. Day by day, these oily feelings turn into acne breakouts. You feel so unconfident when confronting others in public. So annoying, right? This hard time really makes me stressful for so long.

Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum SPF35 PA
The story today is for you, girls who have been struggling with this problem. Ok, I’m gonna boil down to one sentence; you need to learn how to control your sebum production. It’s really important because if not, pimples or acne will have a chance to appear more and more in days after. My suggestion is Innisfree – Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum SPF35 PA+++. Of course, there are also many side effects along with the product that you need to make notice whilst using it. Please keep up your excitement in another review of Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Essence SPF50+ PA+++.

Why We Need To Wear Sun Protection Daily?

Theoretically, heat that comes along with sunlight can enlarge the skin pores and cause sweating onto the skin. Then, the skin starts producing overwhelmingly sebum from opening pores in order to retreat its’ loss of water due to sweating. Dirt, dust or bacteria in the air can easily penetrate and stick onto the skin. This causes clogged pores and hence, an acne breeding surface. Therefore, it’s’ really important to wear daily protection against the damages of UV rays.

Innisfree daily UV protection cream no sebum SPF35 is a sunblock product line from Innisfree Korean skincare and cosmetic brand. It’s well-known for using eco-friendly ingredients in production.

The Good

The cream is formulated by sunflower oil, Jeju green tea extract and 100% mineral filter. It’s designed to not only provide effective protection against UV rays but also prevent the skin from getting greasy or sweat. The product tends to create a clear matte finish that’s supposed to work at best for oily skin. Moreover, Its’ scent is a kinda strong fragrance, floral-like I think. But somehow, I feel ok with it, the smell is not too lingering. This might be a good deal tho!

The product is clearly described as infused with a strong astringent effect. Let me add here. “Astringent is an alcohol-based substance, which is designed to remove excess oil from skin, so mainly treats oily and acneic complexions” says Dr. Adam Friedman, associate professor of dermatology at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences in New York.

Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum SPF35 PA
The sunblock has a thick, creamy base; but, it quickly sinks into texture once you apply evenly onto skin. It’s incredibly blendable, doesn’t cause any streaks or patchy marks. Additionally, the cream isn’t thick as it seems; it literally delivers lightweight sensation, not heavy. I really adore this part of it. I did use the sunblock every morning to shield my skin from harmful, environmental aggressions and restrict excessive sebum onto my face. I think it’s good for me.

The astringent seems to do its’ job pretty well. It visually helped to tighten my skin pores so I didn’t see oily traces and strange, exaggerated glow on my face anymore. The sunblock absolutely brings a clear surface. Besides, it still gives a natural radiance and brightening skin tone. I think it’s a suitable choice for girls who love organic and natural things without too much makeup elements. Otherwise, many sunblock products are usually functioned similarly to makeup base or cushion. Furthermore, due to its’ low SPF and mild formula, the product may be also go-to for sensitive skin type.

The Bad

However, some drawbacks still go along with it. Don’t forget to keep a watery balance to your skin! It’s crucial as much as UV protection. Its’ strong astringent effect may dry out your skin easily if you apply too much. Extremely dry skin is more likely to cause irritation, redness, itchiness and dehydrated (aging) problems. The product neglects the moisturizing provision to the skin texture. The sunblock is more likely to last for only 5-6 hours; so I usually reapplied in the middle of the day. I think I did overuse it. After 6 months, my skin started to extremely drain out. The cream was prone to suck out the protective emollient layer of my skin. It made my makeup look so powdery and caked-on.

Review Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum SPF35 PA Cover
So foolish I was that I didn’t take a serious concern about hydrating appropriately my skin. That resulted in a flaky, scaly look, with more inflammation, dry patches, irritation and redness. Now, I gotta stop using it and switch to tinted moisturizer having sun protection (SPF30) to urgently revive the loss of emollient in the morning. Therefore, I recommend using toners and moisturizers (emulsion) additionally before applying the sunblock. If your skin is too oily, acne-prone, you can use the oil-free moisturizers. They’re supposed to be non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic while using the sunblock. Gotta say the product hasn’t delivered ultimate skincare.

Something Else

Regard to packaging, It’s designed nicely with simple and clean looking, a white matte finish and a blurring sunflower picture. This may be the right choice for girls who may have a tough budget for their skincare regimen.

Rating 6/10

Rating 6/10

I think this sunblock is a must-try product for how it’s beneficial to the oily skin and its’ affordable price. I intentionally give it 7; but its’ lack of moisturizing element makes me rethink so I’ll give it 6 out of 10.

I hope this post is useful enough that help you resolve your skin problems. If you have tried it, I humbly listen to your experiences in order to understand more about this product, whether or not it is the right choice for us, girls. Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Wearing sun protecting is good for you . Although I forget to wear it every now and then. I got into a habit of putting it in my purse or pocket so I won’t forget it . My skin is sensitive so I have to wear any sunprotection. This is a great post thank you for sharing.


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