Review: IOPE – UV Shield Sun Protector EX SPF50+ PA++++


It seems a plethora of makeup products from IOPE of Amorepacific has unstoppably amazed us since then. I’m a big fan of its’ multifunctional foundations, the Air Cushions with series of generations coming out for more advanced designs and satisfaction. Lately, IOPE skincare has triggered my inquisition with many epic, flattering words. I brought home some special gift sets of the brand, including Toner, Emulsion and Cream of Plant Stem Cell Skin Perfection, Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning, UV Shield Sun Protector EX SPF50+ PA+++, Hyaluronic Serum and Bio Hydro Cream.

IOPE UV Shield Sun Protector EX Cover

These are fairly popular in the market. Definitely, I’ll tell you all details how they are really beneficial to skin in review of each item I plan for next posts. First of all, let’s walk through a candid review of UV Shield Sun Protector EX SPF50+ PA+++.

1. About the Product

The product’s description is very short that I can tell. Well, This is a type of sunblock mainly infused by titanium dioxide as strong, broad-spectrum protection against UV rays. Besides, there are many other ingredients that together make the product work effectively to become cosmetically elegant.

Review IOPE UV Shield Sun Protector EX

It contains Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Extract, which provides soothing property and defends skin from environmental stressors as well as gives mild antibacterial effect. Moreover, formulated with Cichorium Intybus (Chicory) Root Extract to lift skin up, strengthen the barrier function, reduce the appearance of aging signs by sun exposure. C12-15 alkyl benzoate, polysilicone-11 and Ethylhexylglycerin are taken as conditioning agents to moisturize and improve the complexion for a smooth, velvety finish. Numerous synthetic ingredients are selectively chosen as texture enhancers and also, preservatives that promise to minimize possible hazards toward skin health instead of parabens.

Furthermore, the sunscreen undergoes the Micro-Filter System™ technology which prevent the invasion of ultra-fine dust to skin. That tends to diminish the attack of external free-radicals that speed up aging process. Plus, it emphasizes the difference between the IOPE UV Shield Sun Protector and the new, updated version with “EX” that I got here. The V.D.Booster™ is adopted to nurture the barrier function, relieve irritation and restore lively appearance.

2. My Thoughts

Unlike many other sunblocks, this one is very thin and lightweight in white creamy base. There is no stubborn thick, heavy feelings sitting on top. When applying little dots onto skin, it works pretty well to spread evenly all over my face. Gotta say the sunscreen is perfect for everyday without leaving uncomfortable, odd white cast, streaks or patchy, sticky marks onto the surface. In spite of putting many layers upon, it’s literally blendable and leaves airy, refreshing complexion.

My skin is combination, prone to dry; but also very sensitive with usual redness and pimples on cheeks. Frequently get dull and tight after cleansing. I did wrestle with flaky, extremely dry skin earlier this year. What a pain in the ass! Well, recently, the situation has gotten much better. After one week of utilizing the product, it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions, aggravate redness or clog pores to arouse breakouts. My skin completely feels safe with it.

The texture is genuinely beautiful with a glowy, radiant finish that sufficiently reflects the light as well as slightly brighten up the natural tone for healthy look. This really helps me out by reducing sagginess and somehow, visibly plump skin up. The sunscreen is noticeably sheer, not giving coverage or tint onto the surface. This is exactly what I desire, very wearable and loveable for those who crave for minimal makeup.

IOPE UV Shield Sun Protector EX tested on my hand

I applied the sunscreen above moisturizers whilst doing outdoor activities during my summer trip without cushion. The heat was like raging in the middle of day about 11 am. It actually shielded me from burning, rashes and over sweating by harsh sunlight. I didn’t find irritated and red around my cheeks that I used to when heading outdoor too much, except for a bit greasiness on the forehead, nose and chin. However, that was then utterly fine once using blotting papers; the skin turned back to be clean and normal. The sunscreen might be not really work to defend my skin from fatigue due to external aggressors. It looked very exhausted at the end of day.

Additionally, reapply couple of times to ensure skin’s safety against the long sun exposure. It’s not water-resistant; then, you can’t be over-confident to carelessly hang out under the intense UV rays. For swimming, I don’t think this is an ideal choice, you gotta switch to another option attached with water-resistance, it’s easy to be flushed out by water. Moreover, necessarily make the sunscreen stay right behind lightweight moisturizers to fully hydrate your skin all day. It doesn’t really state out loud about including moisturizing property. So apply skincare products beneath to effectively minimize the destructive attack of oxidative stress.

Besides, you can feel free to put makeup on. Absolutely, there is no need to worry about smudging or messing up foundation since it quickly sinks down to be absorbed and hence, leaves a clean surface. If you have very oily skin with insanely overactive sebaceous glands, matte sunscreens may be go-to. By the way, the product can stay in place for about 7 hours with soft luminosity upon skin. Speaking of the smell, it’s noticeably kinda strong floral fragrance, but not lingering.

3. Packaging

IOPE UV Shield Sun Protector EX SPF50+ PA++++

The full size is 60 ml with same packaging design as the mini size. It comes to a clean, white squeeze tube having simple descriptions. The tube is very handy, weightless and convenient to carry around as well as resilient to withstand physical affections. You can easily fall in love with this, not something challenges us to take the cream out of its’ shelter. Prevent bacteria and dirt to get inside and contaminate the product.
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4. Rating 8/10

Rating 8/10

I’d love advocating the sunblock for all skin types, especially normal/combination, sensitive and dry. Oily skins may have to be considerate about bringing it home if you need something prone to matte sides to restrain the shine. I think it’s good and deserves our concerns. You can check it’s very affordable price below. I’m gonna give 8 out of 10.

Hope you find this post helpful and enjoyable to know more about IOPE – UV Shield Sun Protector EX SPF50+ PA+++. If you have questions or suggestions, please let me know your thoughts. I’d like to hear you out. Thank you so much for joining us!

Update 17 December 2017:

IOPE UV Shield Sun Protector EX Full Size

Hey girls, just want to make some noise about my current sunscreen. I’ve been using the IOPE UV Shield Protector Ex. And my traveling size was empty, nothing left inside, then I bought a new bottle with full size. Tada!! Well, I find out the product is really good for long term using. It didn’t cause any stubborn problems to me, I feel comfortable to make it my everyday belonging. Feel free to try it if you’re considering your new suncare goodie.


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