5 Organic Beauty Brands That You Should Try

Makeup might be seen as a can’t-live-without part of our lives, which contributes to up-bring lady’s confidence and vanity. The most lamenting is whether cosmetics we’re using possibly cause sneaky damages to our delicate skin as contained toxic chemicals.

5 Organic Beauty Brands That You Should Try

We need products whose ingredients and formulations are really qualified and safe. Five organic beauty brands that I’m gonna share here are really must-try for an absolute protection and nourishment to your healthy skin.

1. 100% Pure

100% Pure Cosmetics

When mentioning eco-friendly beauty merchandise, we can’t overlook wonderful products of 100% Pure. They’re excellently sourced from natural extracts, like apple, cucumber, mango, coconut, grape, blackberry, papaya, pomegranate and peach.

Its’ primers, foundations, concealers, eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks are all colored by fruit and vegetable pigments. I gotta say we don’t need unnecessary worry about harmful chemicals bringing free-radicals and irritation. Its’ products tend to provide various vitamins and antioxidants.

From makeup to skincare, 100% Pure really deserves your concern, girls for an astounding appearance with no aggressive elements.

2. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Cosmetics

I gotta confess that this brand is really something that girls who desire for a natural, translucent makeup should try. Like 100% Pure, it primarily focus on exploiting “organic solutions” for the beautification.

All of its’ product lines tend to replenish the skin organism with a hydration, antioxidant and vitamin C-rich juice base in skincare and even, makeup.

They are all formulated with the assurance of no glutens, no artificial colorants and fragrances, no parabens, no phthalates, no petroleum or no pesticide. I can say most of its’ cosmetic lines use green apple, grape, coconut and aloe extracts as primary anti-aging ingredients. The most striking is Juice Beauty enables women to confidently take care of their appearances, even during pregnancy.

This brand really makes me feel interested so I decided to try some of its’ products. In somewhere later posts, I’ll share my honest review for Juice Beauty – Nutrient Moisturizer. Check it out for more fascinating experiences about the U.S. beauty brand.

3. Tata Harper

Tata Harper Cosmetics

We can’t even dismiss Tata harper, one of the most well-known brand for chemical-free skincare and makeup. The brand has achieved lots of prestigious certifications for both its’ products and business that commit with natural, eco-friendly practices. There is absolutely no cosmetic test on animals and no chemical using products.

All of its’ powerful herbs and botanicals are naturally grown in the company’s own organic farm for the best quality. Its’ skincare and makeup products are infused with the herbal complex that focuses on skin regenerating and healing benefits of Alpha, Arnica Montana, Borage, Calendula and Meadowsweet.

  • Calendula is about soothing and calming sensation.
  • Borage feeds your skin with good vitamins and nutritions.
  • Alpha contains high chlorophyll (green pigments) strengthen the skin oxygenation.
  • Meadowsweet can improve cellulose turnover and provide high salicylic acid.
  • Arnica Montana is really beneficial for not only anti-inflammation but also strengthening skin micro-circulation that evens out the skin tone.


INIKA Cosmetics

INIKA is an Australian vegan, cruelty free cosmetic brand. The brand has been highly certified for removing all harmful chemicals from their products. Instead, it uses the plenty of organic, mineral ingredients, like fruit, herb and flower extracts in makeup.

You can find luminous foundations, cheek and lipstick balms or eyeshadow powder that are beautifully blendable and pigmented from INIKA.

Unlike 100% Pure, Tata Harper and Juice Beauty, INIKA only focuses on creating a natural, healthy makeup, not skincare regimen.

Moreover, you can seek vegan makeup brushes which have a high quality for a soft, flawless application.

5. W3ll People

W3ll People Cosmetics

W3ll People is all about a 100% toxin free and organic beauty brand for makeup, like INIKA. The brand was founded by a makeup guru, treehugger and cosmetic dermatologist.

W3ll People tends to bring about premium quality cosmetics and wonderful ideas that target lovely, energetic girls who care about not only their looks; but also their lives. Furthermore, The brand has been trying to exploit optimal solutions that dedicate to young girls how to look magnificent healthily.

If you want to find something that creates a no-makeup look, W3ll People is here for you to figure out what you truly desire for a natural beauty. W3ll People tend to develop a minimalist makeup trending; however, brings an instant satisfaction.

Of course, there are still more and more excellent organic beauty brands out there waiting for us to figure out. Punica will continue collect more ideas about this topic. Hope you all enjoy this post. If you have any opinions or suggestions about this, please let me know. I’d love to hear you out. Sincerely thank you so much for joining us.

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  1. Awesome recommendations! I love using all natural product and I have never even heard of some of these brands before.I always love being introduced to new things! Great post!

    • It’s great that you like this post. hope you can find suitable one for your beloved skin. Thank you so much for joining us.

  2. Great list of products! One of the main reasons I don’t wear makeup is that it’s so chemical heavy.

    Another reason is my skin is crazy sensitive, and I now that natural sin’t necessarily better in that regard.
    do you happen to know if any of these use coconut in their ingredients off the top of your head?

    • Wow! Your skin is same as mine, extremely sensitive. Easily get redness and irritation when interacting with cosmetics. Speaking of coconut ingredient, I highly recommend 100% Pure. it’s products usually take account of natural coconut oil in formula and definitely safe. And, you can use some of Baremineral cosmetic lines using coconut oil in my previous post of Makeup for sensitive skin: http://punicamakeup.com/makeup/makeup-still-possible-sensitive-skin/

      Thank you so much for let me know your problems. Hope I can help your skin condition.

  3. I love the 100% Pure line! I think what completely sold me on their products was the natural colouring. While the products may not last as long as typical brands, I would still choose their company over others when given the chance. I haven’t heard of W3ll People before – where are they based?

    • I know the W3ll people is still so new to most of us. It’s an uncommon beauty team founded by an elite makeup artist, cosmetic dermatologist and tree-hugging entrepreneur. It’s based at Austin, Texas. Thanks for sharing us your ideas!

  4. I heard that 100% Pure was pretty good. Something about organic products that sit really well with me. I like the idea of juice beauty. It just gives the illusion of a product that will healthily moisturize your skin well.

    • My friend is fan of 100% pure. And, it’s products have never let her down. I’m using Juice Beauty and it’s kind of good as well. Give it a chance to try! Love to hear your thoughts! Thank you!


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