Important Tips for Flawless Skin in Hot and Warm Weather

In the previous post, I shared with you all about skincare tips for a flawless look in harsh, cooling weather, from autumn to winter. Then, What can you do for your skin to cope with a boiling, hot condition? Similar to the cold one, it also gave us lots of different troubles to our skin that we need to find out special treatments. I’m gonna share with you all some useful tips for a fresh, flawless looking skin in hot, warm weather.

The high temperature, like spring and summer would motivate the sebaceous glands beneath your skin to produce more sebum. This might go along with sweat. As a result, it would terribly leave your skin with greasy feeling, irritation, rash, swelling and a oil-soaking look.

Use Deep Pore Cleansers Twice A Day

The hot, boiling climate would result in excessive sebum and enlarged skin pores. That might allow debris, dirt or pollutants stick on your skin and penetrate to your pores. Additionally, the greasy surface would be perfect for bacteria breeding. As a result, your skin is more likely to suffer acnes or breakouts.

Deep cleansing foam for face

That is reason why you need cleansers that can go deeply to your skin pores and flush out all of impurities, oil and sweat. They might be designed with foam and gel base to wipe out your strange shine and leave a clean, matte skin. Besides, just pick the right cleanser for your skin types.

Make Facial Steaming

Facial steaming for unclogging pores

It’s really something that you should try for improving skin complexion. It has been popularly taken in acne treatment of beauty spas. Facial can gently eliminate contaminants stuck in skin pores and effectively remove overwhelming sebum. Doing it for 10 minutes once a week can reduce considerably blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. Furthermore, it can enhance the blood circulation to effectively deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

Apply Lightweight, Soothing Moisturizers

Apply lightweight moisturizers

Hydration is always necessary for all skin types, even the oily. When the freezing time of winter has gone, you can switch back to lightweight moisturizers for healthy, breathing skin. A heavy, thick moisturizer would run your skin so bad for extra oily and sticky surface. Hence, breakouts and pimples will creep in by any chances. You need something that can hydrate our skin adequately to maintain skin elastin and balance your skin emollient. If your skin is still dry, you can apply serum or essence for further hydration.

Wear High Sun Protection

Wear sun protection against UV rays

The severe UV rays of hot, burning climate are more likely to cause your skin’s destruction and damage. A high sun protection is really something can’t-live-without for your skincare routine in this condition. Too much sun exposure can result in redness, inflammation, itchiness, hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration) and aging signs.

Cut Down Your Dairy and Sugary Absorption

We can’t resist how delicious milk, cheese and butter is and they take a big part of our daily meals. But, I’m really sorry that you need to stop absorbing them so much for your skin’s sake. Lots of research has revealed the relation between acne and dairy products.

Dairy products

Milk, ice-cream, cheese, butter and any other kinds of dairy contains ingredients that arouse hormones to make your skin produce more oil. Hence, result in inflammation, swelling, clogged pores and acne. You might need to say goodbye to some of them for a while and clear out too much sebum.

Utilize Foundation and Makeup Powder with A Matte Finish

You would not want to add any sheen to your greasy, shiny skin in this hot weather. Mattifying foundation and powders can help to minimize the shine of your skin, leaving a smooth, velvety texture.Moreover, some makeup powders are really good at getting rid of excess sebum to prevent your skin from sticky feeling.

Matte looking skin

This is all of my ideas for a natural, flawless skin in warm, hot climate. Hope you enjoy the reading. Please don’t be hesitate to give me your advice and ideas about this. Thank you so much for joining us!


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