How to Shape Eyebrows for Your Personalities

I’ve researched so far to find out amazing tips that help us create beautiful eyebrow shapes that are gonna be perfect for your face. Moreover, it somehow reflects our personalities, “our spirit, our independence, our charm, our delight, our glamour, our strength and our success.” You’re definitely adorable in different ways, girls. Here we go!

1. Straight Look

Straight Look Eyebrows
Photo via Vogue

It’s kind of popular when seeing lots of Korean celebrities on various social media platforms. They look so fit in it. Then, what does it say about you? You’re a confident and strong person ever; but sometimes you’re a little fragile deep inside. It’s gonna suit pretty girls with long faces.

How can we do that look? It’s not really hard though. If your eyebrows are originally arched, you can carefully shave off the hair tail that goes downward; but not too much because we need it to be naturally long enough across the eyes.

Additionally, you need to use tweezers for plucking stray hairs out of the main straight direction of the brows and brush the hairs down to be sure there is no single one. And, remember your ideal eyebrows should be symmetrical both sides. After that, let’s nail it with eyebrow pencils and powders.

2. Slight Arched or Curved

Slight Arched or Curved Eyebrows

Both Asian and Western hotties seem to be in love with this eyebrow shape. It emphasizes a daring look of ingenious darlings who are not easily beaten by challenges. It might look fancy for wide and oval lovely “kissers.”

To get the slight arch, you can simply start with using a small stroke and lightening up your hand pressure to define right brow shapes. You also need to brush the brows upward in order to see clearly and remove hairs that are located out of your brow shape. Finally, you gotta use a scissor to trim up the brows for a clear arched look and don’t forget to create mild curves for your brow tails.

It’s gonna be fantastic to put makeup on your credit. The way to fill in your eyebrows can also mean differently, girls. “Bushy or thick” tends to disclose your masculine characteristic, so strong and dangerous, whereas “thin” is prone to be feminine and tender. Blonde girls are usually fond of dark shades which unveil their keen and determined inner.

3. Steep Arched or Angled

Steep Arched or Angled Eyebrows

Everyone can’t take their eyes off you at the first meet. It can say you’re a bad bitch, girl. You’re sexually energetic and seductive. You’re not the one who’s gonna be at backstage and you want to take control in play. Commonly, Round and square faces will go for it.

The way to shave it up is quite similar to the slight arched; except that you need to decisively fill in your brows with high curves at the end. Furthermore, it might require more fussy work on it to boost magnificence in your look.

This eyebrow shape might be born with a thick, dark shade in eyebrows for a fierce look or it’s possible for you to blend it out with a flat brush for a softer look. By the way, I might prefer filling in the brows with missing gaps from the start to be looked more natural and youthful.

I hope you will enjoy the reading and by the way, I’ve been still clumsy to show you how to get perfect eyebrows. Please give me more advice. I’m really excited to learn more from you. That’s gonna be great. Let’s continue in our next post!

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