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We’ve used a bunch of cosmetics merchandise from skincare to makeup. Have you ever tried to figure out ingredients infused in each product and how they’re beneficial to your skin? Unsurprisingly, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids are found out in most of dermatological concerns these days. Then, “what are reasons for this increasing popularity?.” Here, I’m really eager to, with you all, explore how effectively the substances do their jobs for our healthy skincare regimen.

Diagram of the Skin Exfoliation by AHA and BHA

1. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

AHAs include Citric, Lactic, Malic, Mandelic, Glycolic and Tartaric acids. They are organically obtained from sugar cane, milk, fruits and nuts. Moreover, they are classified as water-soluble.

We can see massive beauty products that take account of these natural acids to resolve different skin problems. But, of course, utilising AHA must be selective for various skin conditions as well as how friendly it is toward our skin. Among multiple categories of AHAs, Glycolic and Lactic might be the most favourite choices that are clinically proven to effectively improve the skin complexion.

We can see the AHAs majorly in exfoliation. Theoretically, the skin cells would die after 2 weeks and be more likely to induce a breakout as a result of clogged pores. Glycolic and Lactic acids have the smallest particles that help to penetrate deeply into the skin. Hence, loosen the glue that sticks dead skin cells together. In other words, the AHAs are able to gently peel off dead skin cells from the surface and accelerate the cellular (or collagen) reproduction. It would leaves an elastic, seamless sensation as well as a clear, brightening look.

Furthermore, AHAs contained products are really excellent in rivalling the variety of imperfections. It can not only smooth out wrinkles, fine lines and aging spots; but also reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, skin discolouration and acne scars.

In spite of acknowledging AHA’s advantages for common skincare concerns, using AHAs included products needs to follow the dermatologist’s instructions. Normally, AHAs tend to be at a likely safe concentration of 10% or less in creams and lotions, depending on how severe your skin problems are. Using the products inappropriately might cause many drawbacks to your skin. It might get irritation, redness, swelling and itchiness. Additionally, AHAs can result in ultra-sensitivity of the skin, requiring more frequent sunscreen wearing or less sun exposure.

2. Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHA)

BHA includes primarily Salicylic Acid derived from a chemical ingredient of willow tree, Salicin that is kind of similar to Aspirin.

BHA also has exfoliating properties that shed the dead cells in outermost layer of the epidermis and bring out similar results of improving skin complexion as AHAs. Moreover, as a derivative of Aspirin, BHA has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Therefore, many dermatologists have utilised BHA (Salicylic Acid) particularly for acne (blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts) treatment. Unlike AHAs, BHA is soluble in oil so it can penetrate deeply into the acne prone (oily) skin to discard excessive sebum that clogs the pores.

BHA mostly works best at a low concentration (roughly 2%) to diminish crow’s feet, fine lines and dark spots, compared to it of AHAs. Then, BHA might leave less irritation toward your skin than AHAs. However, it’s still necessary to have a doctor’s prescription and apply frequently sun protection while using Salicylic Acid containing products.

In addition, overusing BHA including products might be harmful to your physical health. When you skin absorbs too much Salicylic Acid, all of which is delivered to the bloodstream. This could cause an allergic reaction of your body due to salicylate toxicity. It consists of breathing difficulty, hearing impairment, lethargy (lack of energy and enthusiasm), nausea (vomit), dizziness and digestive disorder. That’s reason why you need to carefully pick suitable products to have the best result.

Both AHA and BHA can’t bring immediate results of improvement on your skin. They require a regular utilization to gradually solve the skin concerns.

We hope this post will help you understand more about how your products work for your skin. If you have any questions or further information about the topic. Please help us out. Sincerely, Thank you so much for your reading.

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