6 Makeup Ideas for a Sweet Look on Valentine’s Day


6 Makeup Ideas for a Sweet Look on Valentine’s Day

For girls who are so in love and eagerly greeting the coming fabulous day of romance on February 14th. We all want to appear so stunningly gorgeous in front of our boyfriends especially on Valentine day. That’s not selfish actually that we want to focus solely on your relationship on that day.

To me, I really want to look so sweet like a cupid when being with him and hanging out at every place to cherish our every moment together. I’m about to share with you all about some of ideas for a lovable makeup for your valentine date. Let’s figure it out!

1. Face Makeup

You might need to spend about a week before the day to seriously do your skincare regimen, eat healthy meals and get enough sleep for a clear, radiant skin texture that prepares a flawless, natural makeup. Your boyfriend, of course, loves your true self; not your makeup layers to cover blemishes or dark spots.

A natural seamless foundation


A lightweight foundation is always favourite for a natural, nice coverage without feeling cakey. choosing a foundation color is really something to concern. That must be matching with your skin tone since you don’t want your face color to look so distinguish from your rest of body.

Use a foundation brush to blend the product all over your face and your neck as well. A dewy looking skin is adorable as ever, girl! Then I recommend using a watery foundation for a seamlessly translucent texture.

Skin Tone Corrector:

Don’t forget to apply the skin tone corrector for a brightening, even skin complexion before putting the foundation on top of it. Whitening wholly your face is not a good idea. Most of girls commonly get this makeup mistake.

To avoid making your face look lifeless, a three-dimensional look is much more preferable. You could apply mostly foundation or tone corrector to the center of your face and then, blend it outward. Otherwise, lightly contour your facial features, like nose, cheekbones or lips. Make it blendable totally into your skin.


You could cover naturally imperfections by applying a cream based concealer and using a dome brush to pat the product on your eye bags, fine lines, dark spots, blemishes and two wings of your nose. Don’t let your concealer appear overdone. If not, it makes a patchy looking face.

2. Blush

sweet baby pink blush

It’s really striking if adding blush that tends to warm up your skin tone. Highly recommend picking typical light shades that tend to go along with the Valentine concept for rosy cheeks, like peach, baby pink, bright coral pink or rose with a bit luminosity.

Use a slanted or angled brush to lightly swipe powdery shadow along your cheekbones or spread lip and cheek balm instead by your fingertips.

3. Eyeshadow

On valentine day, you’re sure to want a feminine, soft look in front of your boyfriend. Picking a proper eyeshadow is really important to make an unforgettable impression on your special date.

You gotta pick eyeshadow that looks as much sweet as your blush color so I highly suggest an elegant, mauve pink or a sheer coral pink on lid up to crease and lightly smudged across bottom lash lines.

Moreover, use your fingertips to apply a little bit sparkle to the middle of your eyelids and also, bottom lash lines with either orange beige shimmer or golden pink glitter.

Sparkling Mauve Pink Eyeshadow
Sparkling Mauve Pink Eyeshadow
Coral pink eyeshadow
Coral pink eyeshadow

4. Eyeliner

Brown eyeliner

We’re so familiar with black eyeliner for everyday makeup; however, I want a newly fresh look for this special passionate celebration. Lift your eyelids to gently draw upper lash lines with mild, natural flicks at the end by a brown pencil eyeliner. The brown color of eyeliner will be softly compatible with your pink eyeshadow.

5. Eyelashes

I prefer using curler and mascara to create the length, volume and curve of my eyelashes for a natural look rather than using false eyelashes.

6. Lipstick

For your lip makeup, cream matte liquid lipstick is not bad to vibrantly color your sweet look with a bright baby pink. After that, It’s really awesome to finish a pink lip gloss for a glowy, moist lips.

Glossy baby pink lipstick

The mauve pink eyeshadow is perfectly catching with glossy baby pink lips.

Mattifying coral pink

The mattifying coral pink is absolutely not bad for your lovable glam.

Makeup is undoubtedly a miracle to help us renew ourselves and be more glamorous occasionally. Punica hopes the post can give more insights to your Valentine makeup. If you have some new ideas about this, please help us out to have more useful ideas for our sweet, stunning looks. Thank you so much for your support!


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