The Differences Between Korean and Western Makeup


I’ve been watching massive Youtube videos showing cosmetic products and makeup tutorials, most of which are in-trend to run after Korean or Western looks. This might be because we are so crazy about the dazzling flashback of celebrities in dramas and movies. I’ve been in rush to collect important tips on how to get those looks. And, here! I’m gonna share with you all some of the disparities between Korean and Western makeup. Let’s figure it out!

Korean Makeup

For girls who are obsessed with K-pop, you might be able to recognize slightly how they usually do makeup thought.

Korean makeup style


They love flawless whitening skin tone with the naturally smooth texture. They’re prone to find BB cream, CC cream or Cushion enough for their facial makeup with nice coverage and sun protection. They prefer the lightweight foundation that brings dewy skin, having a moist appearance.

I see commonly Korean girls do blush of their cheeks with pale pink and peach for a baby look. They prefer using tint for a natural chubby blush to applying powdery products.


The thick, straight eyebrows seem to be so familiar to these girls. It’ll make them look tender and innocent thought. Most Korean girls seem to fill in their eyebrows with a light shade that’s gonna match their beloved yellow-brown hair color.


Korean girls put many efforts into the eye makeup. Smoky blended 3 color eyeshadow makes their eyes bigger and sweet. This might go along with 3 Concept Eyes (3CE).

I gotta say eyeliner is definitely essential in their daily makeup. Puppy eyes are still so hot babies. It always goes with a thin, smooth line across upper lashes. Also, cat eyes are still adorable, especially on occasions or parties. It’s quite different from the puppy eyes as going with thicker lines as well as little feline flicks at the end.

“Aegyo-Sal” is now new in-trend. It means “smiling” eyes by faking eye bags beneath your eyes. I don’t know why they seem to go insane for this; but you girls who’re fans of Korean stars should check that out.


Gradient lips seem to be the most favourite to young girls as the two-tone lip bar of Laneige is so hot in sale now in Korean showbiz. Creating the gradient effect to your lips is simply applying bright colors, like pink, red or orange and swiping it across the inner part of your lips. Then, you gently blend it outward with a lipstick brush or your fingertips. This might not be noticeable on “thin lip” girls.


Korean makeup looking tends to be feminine, soft and youthful.

Western Makeup

Western-style is absolutely distinguished from the former.

Western makeup style


Girls tend to slather makeup layers for a finish matte look with tan or olive skin tone. In facial makeup, highlighter empowers their perfection. It’s gonna perk up their skin complexion as well as accentuate their facial definition. It kinda intensifies cheekbones, makes the nose look straighter, makes lips plumper or opens the eyes up.

They might pick various shades of shimmer to have a nice glow or dewy look to do cheekbones, brow bones and inner corners of their eyes. Unlike the Korean style, I think the western requires complicated steps to process their facial look with a high concealing effect.


I find most girls do arched or angled shapes for their eyebrows, often with a thick, dark color that shows how confident they’re. It makes them look sexy and fierce. Besides, Western females also love to pick liberally favourite colors to fill in their brows for renewing themselves.


They use eyeliners to intensify their big beautiful eyes. Draw a thick line for the upper lash and don’t forget a noticeable wing at the tail. Moreover, Mascara is extremely needed in makeup to make the voluminous eyelashes that are so typical to them.

I can’t use words to describe how shockingly amazing eyeshadow is with different pigments in one palette. That could be the smoky or champagne-colored look. NAKED might be very popular for young girls’ choices.


Western women love plump lips with a matte finish, like Kylie Jenner. Or, gloss might be a perfect wearing to make their lips moist and glow. Currently, young females seem to run after lipsticks and lip gloss of Kylie Jenner or M.A.C as well. Red and nude pink are kinda sexy on them thought.


Western look is prone to be seductive and maturer.

These are just my personal ideas and I hope you enjoy them. if you disagree with me and have any suggestions about this post, please let me know to add up and make this more interesting. If you have some opinions like mine, I’m eager to know how you feel. Thank you so much for your reading!


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