How to Get Sweet & Simple Everyday Makeup


simple everyday makeup with peachy pink

I’d like to embrace my day with lovely, graceful appearance made of vibrant, peppy makeup. But, it gotta be natural and comfortable rather than harsh and exaggerate, absolutely not dramatic. By the way, that shouldn’t snatch up so much time to work on in the morning. Let’s walk through a sweet, simple makeup for everyday lively look.

1. Skincare

Always start with skincare, which is unquestionably requisite to be done twice a day, morning and before bedtime. The point is I’ve always put it under makeup to moisturize and nourish my skin. That’s inclined to reduce fatigue and dullness on my face after working so late last night. Especially in cold weather, I usually get flaky, scaly condition with peeling skin and cracks onto my skin. Moisturizing is must-do prior to makeup for a flawless look.

Before the all of makeup steps, it’s gonna be great if using primer beneath to smoothen fine lines and also, tighten skin pores. That’s aimed to help foundation avoid settling into those imperfections.

2. Skin Corrector

Skin corrector is really my incredible savior. Of course, I don’t want to get caught with a horrible, tired face bearing shallow, dark areas under eyes. Sometimes, wrestle with breakouts that inevitably leave red lumps and minor acne scars. So, that can’t be helped. However, thanks to the product, it softly neutralizes these discolorations and pesky troubles. Additionally, has very weightless, silky texture.

3. Foundation

For me, lightweight foundation is always the best. I do crave for airbrushed looking skin without heavy, caked-on sensations. It should deliver a standout, impeccable texture that looks like I’m wearing my own skin; furthermore, gives a natural sheen upon surface. Possibly, brings about a bit matte as well as glowy finishes. It’s not thoroughly luminous complexion that could be troublesome if my face always looks noticeably shiny and sticky.

Moreover, the shade necessarily matches with my skin tone and won’t show different color between face and body. I highly suggest using cushions which typically provide hydrating content, sun protection and extremely lightweight coverage. This is suitable for daily makeup.

simple everyday makeup with nude pink

4. Concealer

I don’t really use concealer much, I mean frequently. It’s kinda thick and prominently visible onto skin surface. Undeniably, the product is designed for high coverage over problematic flaws, such as whopping pimples and hyperpigmentation. I covet breathable skin on my day. Well, lightly apply little dots on places I want it to cover and do triangle under eye circles in case of raccoon eyes. After that, blend out totally and make sure it doesn’t cause streaks or uneven marks.

5. Finishing Powder

Normally, I go for cushion as my everyday foundation that can be easier and quicker to apply in the morning. So, I usually don’t take finishing powder on top. That can be stubborn because the powder tends to drain out my complexion. It leaves terribly dull, dry skin in the middle of day. However, I’ll make it priviledge in the hot, warm seasons, like summer. Probably, sweep slightly onto my forehead, nose , chin and places where’re more likely to get annoyingly excessive sebum. Anyway, I’d love to apply the powder whist using liquid, illuminating foundation to manage sheen upon my skin.

6. Eyeshadow

Regard to eyeshadow, I prefer picking shades amiable, soft, but also little shimmery, such as light pink, peachy and coppery brown. That can brighten my eyes naturally, seem refresh and delightful. Actually, Wearing too much eyeshadow may run my eyes exhausted through the day whilst working. Then, I just gently do eyeliner to upper lashes. Add definition and make my eyes pop out.

7. Eyebrows

Certainly, I can’t forget to do my brows. Simply, do hair-like strokes to gradually fill into brows and comb with a tinted gel for a bushy look and long-lasting shape.

8. Blush

Light pink blush is top of my choice because it’s very wearable; but not fussy for routine. The enchanting color makes your face look youthful and chubby, no more saggy and dullness.

9. Lipstick

Nude, coral, peachy, rosy and baby pinks are all adorable for plump, elegant looking lips. And, coat with lipgloss for a charming touch that is genuinely stunning.

I hope the post is enjoyable for a quick, simple everyday makeup. If you have any questions or ideas, please let me know. Thank you so much for joining us!


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