How to Look Natural and Festive at Parties


how to look natural and festive at parties

Every girl really wants to look stunning at fancy parties. We need to make sure nothing’s gonna mess with us. Doing makeup for parties somehow requires more effort from you girls, compared to your daily makeup. It might be your go boldly on colours of your eyeshadows and lipsticks or shapes of your eyeliner applying.

1. Eyeshadow

light eyeshadow

A light eyeshadow is really awesome to have a fresh, soft and delighted look so you can fill in your whole eyelids with light or pearl colours. Then, add slightly a transition shade in the medium shadow which is gonna naturally define depth and layering instead of blending. Let’s have a festive look by adding a glitter shadow to the middle of your eyelids.

2. Eyeliner

You can use gel shadow or pencil to shape your lashes. This always goes with being a little bit thinner from the start and thicker afterwards. Remember you need to fulfil the entire lash line, don’t go halfway.

You can lift the eyelids a bit to precisely getting into the lash lines. If you line the whole eyes, you need to ensure the upper and underlines will meet at the outer corner. Besides, lighten your hand pressure and apply the powder shadow a bit to the bottom lashes for a smokey effect.

To accentuate your eye shape, you can use chocolate truffle long-wear gel eyeliner to add double lines to the upper lashes. Also, make sure they are noticeable.

cateye makeup

For an ultimate party look, let’s do cat eyes to be more seductive and mysterious with gel eyeliner. Start from the inner of lashes to make the lines thick enough as well as go out and up simultaneously at the end of lashes.

To make your eyes pop out, you could touch up the brow bone with the white eyeshadow for highlight.

To finish the cat eye makeup, you could do from two to six coats of smokey mascara. Layering the mascara for every coat is to pretend you’re wearing false eyelashes.

3. Lips

nude pink lipstick

The smokey eye look might be perfectly going with pretty flat colours of your lips (pair nude or pale pink lipsticks).

4. Blush

Bobbi Brown pink retouching powder

You could come with a transparent blush with the pink retouching powder. You should check it out from Bobbi Brown.

How to pick perfect blushes for your cheeks all depends on your skin tones and complexions. Commonly, red, pink, orange and brown are loveable by most skin tones. Even at fancy parties, you also need something that makes you look beautiful and natural. If not, you might appear overdone.

bronze blush for cheekbone

Fair or pale skin possibly goes along with lighter shades that create a youthful and lively look. Otherwise, a bit darker shades, like orange, bronze and red seem to look stunning on medium and darker skin tones.

Yeah, that’s it. I think it’s gonna make you look naturally gorgeous at fancy parties. I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you have any tips or advice for the party look, please don’t hesitate to let me know. It’s gonna be great to have more insights about this. Thank you so much for your support!


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