How to Shape 3 Perfect Eyebrows for Your Face


Eyebrows take an essential part of our face, not only transmitting emotional language but also indicating personalities. Women love to rock their own ways for eyebrow shapes; we feel proud of how we look because we nailed it. When I was a little girl, I watched my mom shave her brows and do makeup with them. That’s really an amazing memory!

She would like to make her brows thin and arched a bit at the end. Then, do some powder with light pigments to prepare for a youthful appearance. She told me how carefully you take care of your eyebrows can show who you’re. It surprisingly empowers females, making an unforgettable impression at the first glance. That makes every individual between us special and unique.

It’s pretty hard to come up with perfect eyebrows here. The Ideas of Eyebrows are not something created as permanent, staying with us as time pass. This probably depends on your cultures, generations, nations or social media’s interests. The enormous stories of eyebrows have self-set different stages for centuries. I might not have any specific ideas of perfect eyebrows; however, I have nice eyebrows that will appear perfectly on you. Three main shapes of eyebrows are still very on-trend with time pass, we’ve not stopped our urge of keeping track.

1. Straight Eyebrows

The stunning straight eyebrows still takes it’s own role until now. they implicitly expresses confident and strong-minded characteristic. I’m really digging it!

Norma Shearer with straight slender eyebrows

This may initially draw our attention in the middle of 1930s. Norma Shearer, a well-known queen of silent movies, possessed a desirable, mesmerizing look in her eyes with thin, straight eyebrows. Also, finished by slight downward and edgy tails. I like how gorgeously it’s tidy and slender, visibly showing hairs.

Clara Bow and straight over-tweezed eyebrows

At the same era, women were also obsessive over straight eyebrows which are dark, extensively tweezed. And, brow pencil is to fully draw in, like tattooing the brows. That provides a very weird, “drama” look! Brought to life remarkably by Clara Bow.

Kendall Jenner and straight thin eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are still on-trend for young girls these days. Kendall Jenner has beautiful eyebrows that seem to be elaborately sculpted on big screens. She incredibly earned admiration. That’s such straight, sleek looking eyebrows, so youthful and sharp tho!

And, “Dangerous Women” is absolutely adorable with it. That strikingly puts an innocent, “barbie-doll” look on her.

Ariana Grande straight eyebrows with down-turned tails

How to do it:

How to Straight Eyebrows Illustration

To groom perfect straight eyebrows, you may get plucking so it’s kinda painful. To reduce the pain, do facial steam for pre-tweezing for about 5-10 minutes. It’s gonna help to open up tiny follicles and easily pull out the hairs. After that, pat to dry and apply calming oil.

One of my beauty secrets is Aforé Oil by Kristie Streicher, bringing soothing and nourishing properties to skin. Dramatically relieve pain and redness before tweezing. Use a spoolie to brush your brow straight across, avoid brushing it up that could cause the arch. Get a stroke or a brow pencil to define the beginning and end of the brow.

Hold the pencil vertically against nasal bridge at the middle of nostril, upward to the point where the brow is supposed to be and then, mark it. This time, place the line steeply from the middle of nostril again to the outer corner of your eye. Then, find the area of your favourite ending point.

Possibly, give a sweet downturned tail, like Ariana Grande by moderately rotating the stroke to the outside of your iris. Make another mark that is relatively aligned with the beginning to note the tail. Also, get a bit lower ending point on the far edge.

You can map your eyebrow shape by freehands. Otherwise, to make our work less fussy and be quick, you can use a brow stencil to symmetrically outline the shape of your brows. Utilize a professional tweezer to pluck any stray hairs above or under the brow shape. Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer by Tweezerman is my go-to, excellently handles hairy troubles. Don’t over-pluck your hair. After that, carefully hold a scissor and snip off the hairs to make them neat within the shape. Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush are really a handful, providing precision and convenience to my work.

Let’s get fabulous by filling it. Remember to erase all of the sketching marks before doing your makeup on it. I usually choose the Precisely My Brow of the Benefit Cosmetics. This is really can’t-miss for makeup artists who desire silky-looking brows. Empowers “flick of the wrist” technique that gives hair-like strokes, following the hair growth. Fill in sparse areas and leave bit gaps at the beginning for a more natural and less intense look. Lightly do short strokes at the end for a thin outer edge.

One more choice for this is Skinny Eyebrow Pencil of The BrowGal, inclined to deliver a blendable, “real hair” look without heavy, too creamy feeling. Don’t obsess over completely straight eyebrows. That’s gonna make your face look dull and serious tho. So, embrace your eyebrows with less noticeable, subtle arches.

I’d love to go for eyebrow powders to add a bit more plushness. For me, Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo in Deep Blonde is my ideal choice. I use the angled brush from dual-sided Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush No.12 that effortlessly fills in the places applied by the pencil. I adore how flawlessly it thickens my eyebrows, having a better definition.

To emphasize straight your eyebrows are, you can rock it with a simple trick. Take the lightest shade of eyeshadow, mostly from pale to white. The Body Shop Eye Colour Matte shade 13 Vanilla (white matte) or M.A.C Crystal Avalanche (cool white with a frost finish) is my favourite. Highly pigmented to accentuate brow bones.

Furthermore, I pick a flat shader brush, The Sigma Beauty E55 makeup brush to highlight the underline of my brow by gently going straight. Remember, don’t go into the arch, you may intensify your eyebrow more curved. So, try to keep making a line connecting the beginning and the end. That tends to make an illusion, your brows look more straight. Also, do the same for upper line of the brow, flattening its’ curve.

2. Angled (Arched) Eyebrows

Get to know more perfect eyebrows, you can’t omit magnificent angled brows. There are a million ways to do your brows gorgeously arched that look bold and sexy. They can be thin or bushy, low or high and short or long. That’s inclined to reflect persistently, but independent expression. Gotta say we’ve taken decades until now to hone the arches becoming more natural and alluring.

Marilyn Monroe thin high-arched eyebrows

People have stopped following severely-tweezed, dark eyebrows since the ’40s. Instead, the fuller, more curvature started taking over and being on-trend.

In the 50’s, the most famous sex symbol of America, Marilyn Monroe did successfully convinced us. Undoubtedly glorious and seductive with thin, angled brows. They’re perfectly sculpted. By chances, the “high arches” reveals her impulsive and wild nature.

Elizabeth Taylor thick arched eyebrows

“The Dumb Blond” starlet was not only high dreamer with the lush brows. I really look up to an ageless beauty of Elizabeth Taylor. Her brows are extraordinarily full with long, angular arches. Unlike Marilyn, that astoundingly brought about the Cleopatra star’s thoughtful, elegant appearance.

Christina Aguilera sharp angled eyebrows

In the modern time, this brow shape is still loveable, even by many celebrities and models. Christina Aguilera looks so irresistible with angular, high-curved brows. They’re boldly designed, providing flattering look that works well to her bone structure.

How to do it:

How to Angled Arched Eyebrows Illustration

To get a perfect shape of eyebrows with high arches, you need to stop plucking for at least 3 months for recovering your brow’s hair. There is a solution to speed up the process of hair growth. RevitaLash Cosmetics RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner is one of New York City brow expert Maribeth Madron’s beauty weapons. This is a key for thick, shaggy eyebrows. Another choice is Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Expert Supplement for enhancing brow’s volume and definition.

You can use the trick of the straight eyebrows section. It’s necessary to find the beginning and end of your brows. However, differently, to locate the arch, pivot the pencil from your nostril and go diagonally across the center of your eye. The mark where the arch is will be higher rather than aligned with starting point of the brow. Also, it’s gonna be the highest point of your arch. That’s inclined to create a curve. Then, connect these spots and mildly sketch the upper line and bottom line to shape the brows.

Don’t make the tail ends on extensively far edges. It shouldn’t be too long or too short. The tail will naturally stop with a sharp finish. Too thin brow tails are more likely to age up your face.

After that, use a spoolie to comb all the hairs up as much as possible. We need something that is professional and gives instant results. My suggestion this time is pro Eyebrow Brush – Duo Angle Brow Brush with Spoolie. You can use the angled bristles for a precision tip to define the arches.

Next, utilize a tweezer to pluck unruly hairs outside the brow shape and avoid over-plucking your hair. Then, trim the hair neatly to fit the brow’s outline.

Spray water to your spoolie to make it wet and then, lightly graze it into a bar of soap. This is kinda an old Hollywood beauty hack, taming your hairs to go in the way you want and leaving thick, feathery-looking texture. So, use the soap-coated spoolie to steadily brush them upward and hence, your brows will earn a healthy, fluffy appearance. This may be preferable for someone who has thin brows with many sparse areas. Wait until it dries down for a few seconds, you get brow pencil and powder to fill in the gaps.

If your brows are already a full-set, don’t be hesitate to do your bushy brows. Instead of the bar of soap, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer is really a secret weapon, creating high arches. Carefully apply the primer onto your brows along their angled curves that we mean to do. After that, comb your hair with the primer through with a clean spoolie.

Let’s lightly sketch the bottom lines of your brows as well as extend the tails from the highest point of the arch to the ending point. I’d like to do it with the Brow Powder Duo of Anastasia Beverly Hills again in shade of taupe-based brown. Moreover, I have the M.A.C. 208 Angled Brow Brush to excellently sketch; but also fill in the brows with small, hair-like strokes. But, don’t forget to take turns combing the hair for evenly blending and spreading the powder.

Additionally, use the angled brush to subtly add powder to the sparse areas on top of your brows for more definition, especially the arches. You can brush your hair down to easily get in your way. The Brow Master Brush by BareMinerals is also something that you can have for spectacular arches.

To make the brows look fuller and thicker, you can use the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil or By Terry Crayon Sourcils Terrybly Eyebrow Definer Pencil. These can help you effortlessly do light, feathery strokes to dramatically mimic the real hair.

You can brush brow gel to keep your brow in place all day. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel is really fantastic and literally does its’ job for long-wearing definition. Finally, accentuate your eyebrows by running along the bottom of your brows. I got the Highlighting Duo Pencil of Anastasia Beverly Hills[, which is one of the Allure best highlighters. One end gives shimmer for highlight and another one is matte to add up definition. Make sure you go into the arches to intensify the curves.

3. Thick, Slanting Eyebrows

Slanting Eyebrows are not really popular and widespread that everyone can wear it. Commonly, they’re running upward with ample look. It has been invading into women’s crush since the 1960s. For example, it was so boldly magnificent by Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn bushy slanting eyebrows

The “Breakfast At Tiffany” actress always unhesitantly showed off her dark, bushy eyebrows slanting across upper eye sockets. This is prone to demonstrate her masculinity and intelligence inside-out. The women who have to slant, fluffy eyebrows are more likely to control everything and be their own boss. They don’t need men to tell them what to do and become. She is smart and self-navigated.

Brooke Shields thick straight eyebrows

Brooke Shields’s brows are one of the most talked-about in the 1980s. They’re freely grown into a full-set with a sleeking, sloping look. That is inclined to draw frankness and courage in the appearance.

I really envy Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows, which are shaggy and sharp, symmetrically slanting. That arouses male hormones in her glances. The supermodel is admirable and always striking on the press for her unique eyebrows.

Cara Delevingne bushy slopping eyebrows

Fantastically, Lily Collins also has full and defined eyebrows and her appearance is kinda resemble to The vintage queen, Audrey Hepburn. Their brow shapes are also incredibly alike, sloping without downturned tails. They show women’s unbending spirit; but also feminine heart.

Lily Collins thick eyebrows

How to do it:

How to Thick Slanting Eyebrows Illustration

To reshape your eyebrows, you need to nurture your brow hair for at least 3 months as I said before. Definitely, you need to find the start and end of your brows. Hold the brow pencil against the bridge of your nose at your nostril to find the beginning spot of the brow. Swivel the pencil outward to the outer corner of your eyes to mark the end. Then, pivot to your iris to locate the tail. The difference is sharp, moderately sloping tails rather than the downturned arches.

Lightly map your brow shape and pluck stray hair above and beneath your brow shape. Plucking really pisses me off with pain and redness. This is no longer to be a big trouble when shaping your brows with Après Calming Cream. It has enormous cooling and recovering properties all feathered brows need. Effectively alleviate inflammation and redness following tweezing.

Besides, choose a professional tweezer to handle the naughty hair and easily pull out the hair root. Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer is always the best choice for me. Otherwise, you can use Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers, which won’t let you down for this. Also, you should snip off some unruly hair for a clear, defined shape. If your brows are too thin, you can use concealer to cover little hair in preference to trying to pluck them off.

Use brow powder and pencil to gradually fill in your brows for bushier look. Pick the makeup colors of your brows based on your hair hue. If your actual hair is dark, so get a much lighter shade and vice versa, choose darker shades for light hair color. Brush up the brows prior to filling in the brows. Makeup artists apply Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Fix following the hair growth in the slanting direction. It gives more definition and keeps the shape long-lasting.

You can use either Tinted Brow Gel of Anastasia Beverly Hills or Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel by Benefit Cosmetics. They facilitate how perfectly you fill in your brows . Add color, get more control over desired hair shape and give thicker, fuller look without clumping or smudging. This is called all delicacy for “Cara Delevingne Effect.”

A light, feathery-looking brows are always inspirational. I already got multiple choices for ideal brow pencil that’s gonna work best for your stunning brows. You can turn back the previous sections of straight and arched eyebrows. In addition to Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brow Pencil, I highly recommend Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills that absolutely deserves your concern. Or, High Definition Brows Browtec Pencil, is incredibly designed to create slim, hair-like strokes for a natural, healthy look.

Gently fill into gaps or sparse areas with slender, smaller strokes at the tails. Make sure you take the right shades that are gonna work with your hair color. Hi-Impact Brows Eyebrow Colour Palette is a wise choice for someone who craves constant changes over appearance. If you frequently alter your hair color, this product is born for you. It’s a combination of 4 shades from light to dark and beautifully blendable for perfect eyebrows.

I hope that this post is helpful and enjoyable for you to create beautiful eyebrows. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please let me know. I’d love to hear and improve for better information. Thank you so much for spending time with us!


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