5 Striking Makeup Ideas for Your Hair Colors


Hey! dreamers, coloring your hair is really something that may make matter to trigger a drastic change in the way you look. That is no longer to be your “old-fashion” everyday; otherwise, it can be sweeter, sexier or wilder. I’m ecstatic to dye my hair and fuss a bit when seeing how my friends give opinions. Normally, “Wow, You look so different!”. I rather take it as a compliment. Shifting my hair color also lifts up my mood, just call me a fugitive and I want to create my new-self fleeing away from shitty, monotonous past. Anyway, we can get tons of reasons behind going lighter or darker in the salon.

Revive your glamour with numerous peppy shades to perk you up along with dramatic hues. Here is 5 striking makeup ideas for variety of hair colors.

1. Pastel Pink

Simple makeup for pastel pink hair

What a lovely, barbie doll-like appearance! I’ve always adored pastel pink that is incredibly compatible with delightful shades for energetic spirit. Simple brown smokey eyeshadow is my choice to soften the bright hue. I’d love to blend light to medium, rosy brown to outer crease and also, smudge into lower lash line.

Next, press matte, dark brown shade on outer half of lid and go into the crease as well to bring out the depth. Then, pick the medium brown with pearled finished and a golden undertone to inner half of lid.

Come back to the copper brown afterward to extend on the outer crease and brow bone for V-shaped effect. I can easily find these shades in the Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette and Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette of the Too Faced cosmetics. On the other hand, you can get Hot Single Eyeshadows from the NYX Professional Makeup.

Regarding bushy, thick eyebrows, use a small, slanted brush and apply concealer to underline of the brows to draw out the shape. Moreover, choose black, gel eyeliner to upper lash lines and give neat, upward wings at the end. I don’t recommend to do heavy contour, which may age you up. In Advocate of the pastel pink, I crave for innocent, youthful look.

Makeup for Pink Hair

Coral pink is genuinely appealing to deliver a feminine, ethereal lips. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Dolce gives my coveted, muted coral having warm undertone without causing chapped lips.

2. Pastel Blue

Blue hue is prone to be very cool and mysterious as well as show relaxing sensation and imperceptible masculinity. After that, I prefer not doing any makeup too overwhelming or complicated. Embrace yourself with wearable, harmony shades for natural, tempting charm with warm undertones.

Peachy eyeshadow is literally refreshing and inspirational to heat up “the ocean” dye. Sweep a light, matte peach shade with a fluffy brush to the crease and spread upward to the brow bone. Subsequently, neutralize a warm brown shade into the crease with the apricot shade to make it less orangey as well as result in the transition. Apply matte copper brown color to outer V of the eye and next, shimmery peachy shade with the hint of golden tone to center of the lid.

Makeup for Blue Hair

Slightly line up your upper and under lashes by either black or brown pencil eyeliner. Then, do mild contour onto forehead, cheekbones, nose and jawlines to accentuate facial features. Add a bit bronzed powder to your cheeks and upper brows for a sun-kissed glow that healthily reflects the light. The RMS Beauty Master Mixer is shockingly amazing with rose gold tone and subtle peach to highlight your cheeks.

Speaking of the lips, orangey, nude lipstick is my go-to for pastel blue hair; but not too bright. My ideal shade is Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Oil Lip Gloss in Papa Don’t Peach with glossy, medium peachy hue.

3. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blond Lady Gaga

This hair color reminds me a lot about Lady Gaga, How stunning and distinctive she is in the crowds. Going blonde your hair means to be outstanding and seductive with dramatic makeup. I save a bunch of fabulous shades for this look extraordinarily painted by red, brown, pink and bronze.

Use a big fluffy brush to blend silky-matte, reddish brown all the way up to the brow bone and down to under lash lines to create the V shape. Dab dark, chocolate brown shade on the outer crease; gradually blend inward.

After that, I’d like to press a metallic, bronzing color with golden tone on inner half of the lid. To finish the eye makeup, do eyeliner onto the upper lashes and leave little flicks at the end. My suggestion is the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Luxury Palette, which gives all what I need with pop of copper brown and glittery bronze, which are impeccably pigmented.

Furthermore, grab contour stick two shades darker than your foundation to trace temples and softly narrow down at the tip or add length and width to bridge of the nose as well as map out jawlines, cheekbones and beneath the lips. I want to achieve a reckless, but irresistible aura. Additionally, fill in your lips with creamy brownish pink lipstick for a sexy, vampy look. Tarte Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick in 5 O’clock provides a nice, deep brownish pink astoundingly beautiful, gliding onto your lips.

Makeup for Platinum Blond Hair

4. Grey or Silver

Doing makeup with grey and silver hair

“Granny hair” is still on trend, buddies! Similar to pastel blue, the hue carries a powerful, alluring and masculine impression regardless of genders. It delivers untouchable, goddess-like feeling. Black, golden yellow and red are my priorities to fulfill this mission.

I want to introduce my new favourite, the Tarte Limited-Edition Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette. The product’s shade of Sassy Bun is literally incredible to give a exquisite golden yellow with metallic, pearly finish and warm undertone. It leaves a supreme color payoff to nestle on the inner half of lid.

After applying primer and satiny, champagne shade for whole eyelid , blend matte light to medium, brown shade into the outer crease and go down into the lower lash line. Then, dab dark, blackened brown onto the outer third of lid and grab a fluffy brush to blend out a bit into the crease.

Next, apply copper brown to the crease and up to the brown to result in a pretty transition. You can get it in Dogman shade of the Tarte palette. Highlight your tear ducts with shimmery lightest shade I guess. Eventually, make winged, cat eyeliner to upper lash and do mascara for bushy, volumized lashes.

Makeup for Silver Hair

Get contour powder to softly accentuate facial features like sculpted. Sweep light shades onto the highest points, such as top of nose, cheeks, chin and middle of forehead; otherwise, darker shades to temples, cheekbones, under nose tip and jawlines. Speaking of red lipstick, the Lime Crime Matte Velvetines Liquid Lipstick in Wicked delivers a smooth, matte blood red. If you seek for a lighter, vibrant red hue, the shade of Red Velvety is definitely your go-to.

5. Strawberry Blonde

Makeup with Strawberry blonde hair

When going enchanted, pleasant strawberry blonde, I look less dull and livelier as well as cherish myself even more. Differ to the silver, grey hue, this create a young and elegant appearance. That somehow tells us about our personality, delicate and simple; we may don’t complicated things. So, there are multiple shades enable us to rock with this adorable, princess-like strawberry blond.

Smokey, black and blue eyeshadow is wonderfully suitable to the hair dye; but also, make your eyes pop out. Set a matte, grey shade to the outer crease and spread it out in windscreen wiper motion upward to brow bone. Press creamy, silky black shade to outer third of the lid and then, blend a bit into the crease. Grab a light to medium blue eyeshadow to dab on the middle part of the lid.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan in Shark Bait brings about a cool, highly pigmented blue. To find more flattering eyeshadow shades, my recommendation is the Makeup Geek cosmetics, which is cruelty-free and has high-quality products. After that, apply shimmery champagne shade into inner third of the lid. It tends to emphasize the inner V of the eye. Add a bit pencil eyeliner to upper lashes and outer corner of the eyes. Finally, coat your lashes with mascara.

Slightly highlight your face with makeup powder to diminish some imperfections and also, make important features become prominent. In addition, Fill in your lips with rosy, baby pink and lip gloss on top. My suggestion is the Tarte Lip Sculptor Lipstick and Gloss in Voltage provide double-ended tool for a sweet, glossy pink. Also, apply a bit pink blush onto your cheeks to plump them up.

Makeup for Strawberry Blond Hair

I hope this post is enjoyable and useful enough to give you some makeup ideas relate with different hair colors. If you have any suggestion or opinions, please be open with us. I’d love to hear you out. Thank you so much for joining us.


    • Top of all I hope you find the post enjoyable enough. There are still lots of hair colours stunning and adorable to look good on us. Just let yourself feel free and happy to something that you’re really into. Thank you so much for sharing your thought with me! ?

  1. Hello from Pak :) My hair colour is Black And m student of university in age of 20 just want to know waht colour will be good for my hair? :) Want to get a new look :/ plz tell

    • Hey pretty, Can I know your skin tone. That will be much easier to let us have good choices for your hair color. Thanks for being open with me ? So sweet!


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