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Makeup is meant to glam us up with countless ideas and shades for our skin, face, lips, and eyes. In this non-stop journey, don’t hold back yourself to explore as much as possible what can embrace our glamour. We’re working so hard day by day to live, love and persevere, sometimes feel down because of monotonous, tiresome life flow. Then, we deserve to recharge and reward ourselves. I got an interesting cosmetic brand that might make us live to the fullest with a bunch of dazzling colors.

Colourpop has been my mad love for its creative and affordable makeup goodness. I’m so thrilled that the brand started out loud to collaborate with Sephora in August of last year, and that was soon happily settled 2 months later. In this post I’m gonna walk us through my review of the Colourpop debuted Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette as one of Sephora exclusive collection on November 31st, 2017. It seems I’m too late on this trend, the product really perked me up at the first glance.

1. About the Product

The limited edition palette houses 15 pressed eyeshadows of pinks, bronzes, silvers and golds, all of which are highly pigmented with an ultra-velvety, glittery finish. Its extraordinary formula results in one-stroke metallic intensity and multidimensional luster to make the eyes flatteringly pop out. The product doesn’t have variety of finishes, like matte or satin.

There is included Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, popularly known as synthetic mica to create colors, sparkles and effects when coated with oxides. Recently, it has been used as a common alternative to the natural minerals found across the globe. The synthetic-based mica is ecologically minded, plastic-free, purer and brighter to bring vibrant, bold and reflective pigments. Moreover, unlike the natural ones, the ingredient is much more flattening without sharp edges, so very less likely to cause irritation or injuries to eye areas.

About ColourPop Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette

Formulated with Calcium Sodium Borosilicate and Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate. As bulking agents, these two increase the product’s volume and thickness. Furthermore, the product contains Silica and Aluminum Calcium Sodium Silicate, also one of Silica compounds, to provide opacifying, thickening and anti-caking activities. These aim to leave a seamless texture, improve spreadability and give full coverage onto eyelids.

Zinc Stearate functions as an anti-caking agent to prevent the eyeshadow powder from absorbing water and clumping. Thus, spray your makeup brush to apply the eyeshadows wet for more color payoff without patchy marks.

The formula consists of Lauryl Laurate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Polyethylene, Tridecyl Trimellitate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Tin Oxide, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil and mineral oil. All of those ingredients do their jobs of stabilizing, emulsifying, abrasive, texture enhancing and viscosity regulating agents.

Also, mixed with preservative (Phenoxyethanol). The eyeshadows may contain Aluminum powder for its luminous effects and colorants as well as some other synthetic dyes. Highly recommend to use flat, firm brushes, which tend to utterly pick up and lay down the pigments. Use Fluffy brushes for blending and small angled brushes for lining the eye shape.

2. My Thoughts

Gotta admit all of the shades are very adorable and wearable for most of skin tones, not about something too overwhelming or out of my comfort zone. We can rock with numerous cool, warm and neutral colors that are able to suffice everyday but also occasional makeup looks inspired by romance and elegance. I’m personally into its pink and peachy shades, absolutely exquisite.

ColourPop Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette tested on my hand

When doing swatches, I recognize that some of them are more metallically intense with chunkier textures than the others. And, they also have different levels of pigmentation. Overall, all of the eyeshadows in the palette is sufficiently long-lasting for seven to eight hours.

Golden Egg

To begin with, Golden Egg is a light to medium peach with a shimmering finish and warm undertones. It’s genuinely delicate, one of my favorites in the palette. The shade has a thin texture and mediocre color payoff. You might need a bit extra effort to build up and bring out its color impact. I’d love pressing the shade to center of the lids, my eyes look so reflective under the light. Its glittery particles are kinda troublesome and fall-out a lot onto my cheekbones.

Pay the Piper

Pay the Piper gives a light, frosted silver with a hint of blue. The eyeshadow is fairly dry and powdery with a bumpy texture, it tends to sheer out and leave semi-transparent coverage. Astoundingly iridescent with plenty of sparkles, which are more likely to scatter around and make “disco ball” effect. I prefer applying Pay The Piper to inner half of eyelids with some matte eyeshadows, such as dark brown or black for the outer corners and up to the creases.


GRLFRND is a white, ivory shade with an icy finish and cool undertones. Alluringly lustrous with neon pink or purple shimmer, this is ideal for minimal makeup concepts. The shade is moderately pigmented and evenly blendable to result in a very thin veil on eyelids. However, it’s pretty flaky with some excess residing to edges of the pan. Its sparse glitters are inclined to fall out while applying.

Zero Clue

Zero Clue is a light to medium gold, having orangey undertones and a pearly finish. Compare to the three former eyeshadows, it has a denser texture, better color payoff and greater metallic effects. Smoothly applied by fingertips or a small, flat makeup brush in blending and at the same time, dabbing motion. It provides nearly opaque coverage. The shade is quite flaking, it’s better to dampen the brush prior to applying for a creamier, more concentrated texture and bold pigmentation.

ColourPop Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette

Watch Out

Next, Watch Out delivers another sparkling gold, which is lighter with a hint of yellow. The eyeshadow has a thinner texture and lower color payoff than Zero Clue. It’s soft, but flaky and crumbly on the surface. Very blendable and buildable, otherwise, more likely to fleck out. You might need to take some time to build up, it brings about semi-transparent coverage. I’d highly recommend spraying your brush before pressing the eyeshadow onto the lids. It’s more pigmented and melted down to eyelids.


Now we have Drizzle, an ethereal coral pink with a frosted, pearly finish and warm undertones. This is a perfect option for sweet, simple bridal makeup. The eyeshadow is beautifully pigmented that you can’t help falling for. Designed with an impeccable, smooth consistency, it’s less likely to be flaky or dusty on the surface. Very buildable, nevertheless, somewhat persistent to be diffused and blended out. My little technique is using fingertip to nestle the coral pink all the way to the crease. Its speckles of shimmer might fall out a bit.


If you are one of sophisticated beauty junkies who are in love with pinks, here! ColourPop Golden State of Mind grants your wish. In addition to Drizzle, there is Uptight, a deep rose with a golden sheen. It’s much firmer into the pan than majority of the eyeshadows in the product. Moreover, slightly dry and dusty, but not crumbly. The shade is sort of uneven onto bare skin when applied by fingertip or brush, whereas it’s nicely pigmented and buildable to result in almost opaque coverage. The eyeshadow glitters doesn’t fall out terribly like most of the metallic others.

Can’t Stop

Can’t Stop provides a bright, light peach with a strongly metallic finish rather than Golden Egg. The shade is imperceptibly dry and dusty, but leaves a silky texture. Incredibly blendable and buildable without blotchiness. You can use a dampened, flat brush to apply the eyeshadow for a thicker texture and greater color payoff. However, it’s freaking fall-out when applied dry.


Sparkler is a light to medium golden bronze that is enormously sparkling. The shade gives a creamy, soft texture with excellent pigmentation. It’s blended and built amazingly to offer full coverage. Otherwise, considerably flaky and crumbly with lots of excesses whilst applying. The more metallic effect is added, the more glittery specks mess under eyes and onto cheeks. To minimize this frustrating fallout, necessarily put primer underneath or wet your brush before pressing the eyeshadow.

Review ColourPop Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette


Unsupervised brings a medium peach with an icy, shining finish and warm undertones. Now we mention it, this is third peachy shade in the palette. The eyeshadow results in a silky, even consistency and incredible color payoff. I totally love it! It’s moderately creamy and soft as well as easy to work with. Not flaking at all or fallout either, in spite of being a bit dusty. In addition, Unsupervised is splendidly buildable to cause nearly opaque coverage. I usually do the shade for my whole eyelid, so gorgeous!

Lust in Time

Lust in Time is a medium coppery brown with vigorously metallic reflection and reddish undertones. Its texture is genuinely marvelous, velvety and mushy. The eyeshadow is not flaky, otherwise, there are some of eyeshadow specks and excesses on top. Richly pigmented I can tell, it tends to give full coverage. Plus, amazingly buildable, however, fairly stubborn to be blended well. To avoid the excess, apply the eyeshadow wet onto your eyelids.

Mind Tricks

Mind Tricks is a special shade that delivers a medium to dark purple with a hint of taupe, having a glittery, luminous finish. Similar to Lust In Time, the eyeshadow consistency is reasonably creamy and soft with a slightly dense texture, but a bit uneven. It literally has a good color payoff. Mind Tricks is dry with some speckles of excess, however, blended effortlessly by fingertips and makeup brushes. This leaves semi-transparent coverage.

Wing Woman

Wing Woman gives deeper bronze with a frosted, golden sheen and orangey undertones. Infused with wonderful pigmentation and a smooth, pretty dense texture. The eyeshadow is quite flaky with tiny specks falling out, however, it’s genuinely blendable and buildable. I’d like using my fingertip to directly press onto inner half of my eyelids or spray a flat, firm brush and dab it for creamier consistency and less fallout. This is really easy to work with.

Heads or Tales

One of the most flattering shades is Heads or Tales, which is a medium to dark reddish brown with a pearly, shimmering finish. I think this shade and Uptight are really unique and outstanding among the others. Heads or Tales is flat-out impressive with a striking pigmentation, creamy, silky consistency and dense texture. The eyeshadow is quite flaky and dusty with flecks of excess. Use a dampened brush For bolder color impact. Built well to result in a full, cloudy coverage, but a bit stubborn to be blended out evenly. It’s very ideal for a dramatic, seductive look, like you’re on fire, girls!

Tinker Time

Last but not least, Tinker Time is a medium to dark brown with a golden luster. It’s fairly firm into the pan and has decent color payoff. When laying down onto bare skin with fingertips, the eyeshadow is noticeably flaking and dusty as well as slightly uneven with lots of excesses and a thin texture. It’s better when applied wet for a chunkier, more concentrated consistency.

3. Packaging

ColourPop Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette Packaging

Housed in a charming cardboard with gradient concept from yellow to pink, golden graphic decoration and magnetic closure. Every eyeshadow is contained in a small, circle pan (0.035 oz). The cardboard is a bit heavy I guess, it’s not really lightweight. The packaging is so cute and simple for youthful appearances, it’s not too deluxe or fussy.
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4. Rating 8/10

Rating 8/10

The palette is my new addition at the moment. The colors are so wearable and peppy to lift your mood up. But apparently, I need to use it along with single matte eyeshadows to create more complex transition. One thing I don’t like about the product is some of eyeshadows has a lot of glitter flecks falling out. Anyway, I still adore it. I’ll give it 8 out of 10.

Hope the review is useful and informative enough, not boring about Colourpop Golden State of Mind. I’m very sorry for my ugly swatches, I was clumsy back then. If you have any questions or ideas, please be open with. That would be my pleasure to hear you out. Thank you so much for joining me, dollies!

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    • Yup, the palette is really awesome. I’m digging it at the moment, I use it daily and occasionally. Very wearable. Hope you can give it some time to try. Thank you so much for being open with me! ?

    • Awww! That sounds great. I really like ColourPop. The brand has given us dazzling products. I hope you will have good experience with your coming product. Thank you very much for being open with me! ?


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