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IOPE released the 4th-generation Air Cushion in 2016 that is supposed to be more superior than the original version, Air Cushion XP. IOPE Air Cushion is a registered trademark of Amorepacific Corporation. Honourably earned a reputation for its’ fancy foundation. Provides hydrating booster, protecting shield against UV rays (SPF 50+) and lightweight coverage with natural, glowy complexion.

Actually, I did use the Air Cushion XP 2 years ago; but, not like it much. Well, Lately, I’ve decided to try the new version; whether or not it would be much better than before. So, let’s figure it out!

First of all, I’m gonna take a nostalgic visit to my very old days; younger me with clear, flawless skin. That day was no longer to exist. Because of crazy hormonal imbalances and mood swings by stress, my skin now becomes freaking dry and have lots of pimples and lumps. So sad, feel terrible right now!

Ok, get back to our main topic! I used to have combination skin so I chose Air Cushion XP natural finish that gave me a glossy, dewy complexion. Something gives me a luminous finish, I feel fine with it. But, somehow, at that time, it made me feel strangely noticeable shine upon my T-zones in the middle of the day and greasy as well. I gotta admit it brought about a beautiful, silky texture and weightless coverage. However, feel sorry for its’ overwhelming glow and tacky sensations.

My friend also got the same problems as mine when using the XP version; and even, it settled in her pores. In this post, I’m gonna walk you through a review of IOPE – Air Cushion Matte Longwear that I directly experience how well the cushion does for a stunning, natural look. Besides, don’t be hesitate to reach further to the review of newest IOPE – Air Cushion in another post.

1. About the Product

IOPE Air Cushion Matte Longwear

The new Air Cushion has been upgraded with basically, 4 formulas, including Moisture Lasting, Natural radiance, Intense Cover and Matte Longwear. And, comes in 3 main shades (cool, natural and warm) as usual. That means offering more options to reach closer the customer’s satisfaction and comfortability, compared to the previous version, XP.

Moreover, it provides innovative moisturizing technology with the Bio Water™. That consists of water-soluble nourishing ingredients and 5 electrolyte types, Na-K-Mg-Ca-Cl for good moisture control. That sounds kinda foreign to me; but, good to hear that. I’m looking forward to this revolution.

Then, I pick Air Cushion Matte Longwear for this time review because I hoped I would not have the stubborn matter as before. And, get shade N21 (Natural beige) for my fair skin.

2. My Experience

The foundation delivers a smooth, seamless texture upon the surface as its’ original. I thought the Matte Longwear would bring about a whole mattifying effect. Otherwise, the product seems to go for it halfway. It still has a radiant, satin look onto skin at the first glance.

That’s really incredible! I love it. The foundation provides a marvellous, healthy look to my dry, flaky skin without excessive shine and a greasy feeling. I think it’s more likely to give a semi-matte finish.

The sad point is the foundation’s hydrating property maybe not be enough for long-wearing. It appears a bit of peeling skin and dry patches on my cheek, chin and forehead after 8 hours. Perhaps, I would have picked the moisture lasting supposed to work out for my skin type at the moment. However, that tends to bring more illuminating effects. Nah… I feel satisfied with the glow I get and don’t want to add up anymore.

So, probably I should work on my skincare products. Overall, the Matte Longwear might be the go-to for oily skin tho. I don’t know why; but, most of the Korean or Asian girls seem to obsess over a translucent, dewy look.

Furthermore, the foundation really offers a sheer to medium coverage. It makes your skin look smooth and great with it. Even, you put more layers on top, it doesn’t cause streaks, blotchy marks or caked-on. I gotta say the foundation is born with extremely light coverage at the first application rather than the original, XP.

So, it’s amazingly build-able. Perfectly covers up minor imperfections, such as dark spots, pores and discolouration; but also, enables skin breathable. Besides, it tends to brighten skin tone with a warm undertone that makes my skin look more “human.” Unlike the XP, which seems to whiten me up.

Unfortunately, I can’t say it effortlessly covers up all of your flaws. I think the Air Cushion might work best at the medium; not full coverage. My blemishes, bumps and acne scars show up apparently and humiliatingly, say “hi” to everyone, despite I’ve taken a couple of layers. I asked my friend to try her Air Cushion Intensive Cover, which is supposed to deliver the highest coverage of this range. Guess what? my pimples are still annoyingly obvious there and need help from concealers.

So, as I said, the foundation achieves medium coverage at best regardless of different formulas. Moreover, I think its’ coverage is fairly long-lasting for at least 5-6 hours. After that, it would come off a little bit, particularly forehead, chin and somewhere, jawline as well as leave slight creases around noses. In addition, it makes mascara and eyeliners smudge underneath my eyes. This really turns me off about the new Air Cushion.

Speaking of the smell, the foundation has a sort of obnoxious odour. It’s really hard to describe how the scent is. But, it literally has a strong fragrance.

3. Packaging

Review IOPE Air Cushion Matte Longwear

Look at the packaging! It’s really a tidy shape to be perfect in your handbag. Also, there are standout differences in its’ outlook, compared to the XP. The cushion comes into a slimmer case with a pearly white complete, silver rounded edge and clear printing brand name, IOPE. The case still has a handy structure with an opening container at the bottom to refill. Thus, users can replenish the product with a complimentary refill (15g) for every package.

The 4 formulas will be distinguished through different colours of the case borders. Silver is Natural Glow, silver-white is Matte Longwear, blue is Moisture Lasting and Orange is Intense Cover. The sponge puff, by the way, is also much smaller and thinner than the original. I don’t like this change much. I feel inconvenient to keep on hand and pat onto the skin so many times until having satisfying coverage.

The inner tray of cushion is designed as honeycomb-like. It’s inclined to disperse the watery foundation more evenly on the puff. And, don’t let the liquid sink into the bottom so you don’t need to press your puff many times to get all of the foundations out.

4. Rating 6/10

Rating 6/10

To sum up the things, I will recommend this to girls who have flawless or normal skin and don’t need to put on so much makeup or crave for a “no-makeup” looking makeup I guess. By the way, It will be better if use it with primer, setting powder and concealers for more coverage and long-wearing. I probably have to give it 6 out of 10. Get to know more about its’ price, please check it below.

This is my candid review for Air Cushion’s new generation. I hope you find it useful and informative. Well, it may not work well for my situation; but it doesn’t mean it won’t for you. Just give it a try; perhaps, I was wrong about it. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me hear you out. I’d love to. Thank you so much for joining us!


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