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Women across the globe have been striving these days for goods, to stay strong and look beautiful through a lot of hardships. Wearing makeup or not is up to us. However, both constructive and even, bullying criticisms seem to keep getting in our way. Some of us feel ashamed or even, guilty, otherwise, some are comfortable with it. Not to mention those who are God-blessed with naturally gorgeous features. The others may need makeup to do tricks, like enhancing, symmetrizing or evening here and there.

NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette Featured

Many articles have shown how wearing makeup empowers women as well as boosts their self-love and confidence. We can spend hours and days searching for ideal makeup tips and products to perfectly get dolled up. One of the most flattering parts comes to the eyes, dramatically articulating our face emotion and impression. It’s also the most difficult to always pick the right shades and products that make your eyes pop without doing over the top. Definitely, there is a long way to master the technique.

Let’s continue my series of NYX Makeup reviews with Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette in Sleek & Chic by NYX Professional Makeup. And, see what virtually the product can do to rock our looks.

1. Formulated with Silicones, Minerals and Polymers

The NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette is available in two color assortments, Pastels and Peach-toned. It promises to deliver 10 bouncy, velvety eyeshadows in matte and shimmery finishes. First and foremost, comes with pillowy, silky textures for superb flexibility and blendability.

The formula consists of many silicone-based compounds, such as Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Trimethylsiloxysilicate and Triethoxycaprylylsilane. The majority of them are conditioners and viscosity-increasing agents to result in sleeking textures, excellent spreadability and slippery sensations. Moreover, they are able to provide anti-foaming, emulsifying, lubricating and binding properties.

NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette Sleek Chic

There are some other chemical ingredients. Nylon-12 is a kind of synthetic polymer, which does its job as a texture enhancer, opacifier and thickener to improve the softness of consistency with bold coverage. Also, it can help decrease the shine with its mattifying activities. Magnesium Stearate is used as an anti-caking, lubricating, bulking and emulsifying agent. It not only gives silkiness but also keeps the emulsions from separating into their oil and liquid elements.

Furthermore, the products are infused with an array of mineral substances. Calcium Sodium Borosilicate is a glass-type material to impart a sparkling, pearly finish, but also functions as a bulking agent and preservative. Next, Tin Oxide is included in the formula to coat Mica in order to reflect light in a certain way and result in bright colors.

Silica is usually found in sandstone, clay, granite and even, plants and animals. It helps minimize light reflection as well as absorb sweat and oil as an absorbent so your makeup can stay in place for longer. Silica is versatile to provide abrasive, anti-caking, opacifying, bulking and suspending activities to increase pigmentation and spreadability.

Similarly, there are Alumina and Aluminum Hydroxide for anti-caking, texture enhancing, opacifying, abrasive and coloring agents. FYI, the opacifying effect is meant to reduce the clear, transparent appearance.

About NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette

Synthetic Fluorphlogopite is commonly referred to a synthetic mica, which creates the flakes of shimmer to suffice a lustrous finish and work as a colorant. In addition to mineral pigments, like Mica, Iron Oxides and Titanium Dioxide, formulated with Yellow 5 Lake (CI 19140), Blue 1 Lake (CI 42090), Carmine (CI 75470), Ultramarines (CI 77007) and Manganese Violet (CI 77742). Finally, there are some preservatives, such as Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate and Phenoxyethanol.

2. Gorgeously Pigmented with Sleek Textures

The product contains 10 eyeshadows, the majority of which are shimmery. There is only one matte for a neutral color. The rest of them are funky, like peach, coral, tans, purple, yellow, bronze, brown and black. The eyeshadows do not have names for their own. They are numbered from left to right, you can check at the bottom of the palette.

The first one is a kind of creamy beige. It turns out to be very pale on bare skin, used as a base before laying transition shades. Its color payoff is rather mediocre. Very sheer and pretty chalky in a matte finish.

Next is a frosted peachy pink. Its pigment is beautiful. Fairly blendable and buildable by fingers or makeup brushes. This literally gets me an ethereal color for wedding days.

NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette Illustration

The third is a pearly dark plum. To be honest, it’s seemingly ashy with a purplish sheen or glitters. It’s persistent, not very blendable. Great for smokey eyes.

Come to another, a striking metallic bronze. I’m really into this. It sparklingly glides onto skin and makes your eyes pop once and for all.

The number five is glittery champagne with a cool undertone, one of the must-haves in an eyeshadow palette. It has been a universally iconic beauty trend. Very blendable, I’d love to sweep it all over my eyelids.

Moving on to a sparkling, deep brown, which is so splendid with excellent pigmentation and a bit dense, sleeking texture. I think this is one of the most gorgeous eyeshadows on the palette.

Then, we have a pearly tan, giving a thinner texture than the warm deep brown. Its color payoff is pretty. Stress-free to diffuse and build up for opaque coverage in the absence of patchy marks.

The number eight is a bright coral pink with a golden sheen. It’s so sweet, giving a slightly more intense color payoff than the peachy pink (number two). Its texture looks very slick achieving full coverage.

NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette Color Swatch

Following is a warm reddish-brown with an iridescent finish. Its color payoff and texture are literally luxurious. The eyeshadow is cut out for a sultry, dramatic look. Instead of dispersing out, I prefer dabbing it on the whole lids up to creases and going with crimson heart-shaped lips.

Last but not least, there is the darkest eyeshadow, a black with flecks of silver glitter. It seems not very pigmented. The texture is semi-transparent and hard to blend out evenly, it looks like a smudge. Its formula may be quite poor.

As its promise, all of the eyeshadows, especially metallic ones, are soft and squishy when pressing my fingers on top of them. By the way, the product does not have any particular smells. I think the product is cool, but I still crave more matte eyeshadows that can be paired with these frosty babies.

3. Minimalist Packaging Design

NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette Packaging

Ten lovely eyeshadows come into a black plastic palette with a clear plastic lid. It’s very small and weightless with a very simple design. The product and brand names are mostly matte black, except for “Mochi,” which is outstandingly lustrous. You can find the ingredients beneath the palette.

To be honest, I’m disappointed with the packaging. It looks fairly poor and may not be able to protect the eyeshadows from debris and sunlight, which can deteriorate their quality. So much dust clings onto the lid.

4. My Rating (7/10): May Not Repurchase It

Rating 7/10

I think the product is really nice with adorable shimmery shades. This is worth a try. However, if you ask me to do I come to repurchase it, I may not. I feel sorry for dollies who love it. I do not really have a strong feeling over it. At the moment, I’m just looking to have more sophisticated choices. Thus, it’s about 7 out of 10.

Hope the review will be able to give good information for your concern about NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette in Sleek & Chic. Please share your opinions or questions with me. This is my pleasure to hear you out. Thank you so much for joining me!


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