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Every skin type has its own wardrobe of skincare faves, yet we all have the same crave that they supposedly cast good spells on our complexion. Face masks are just like indulging yourself into yummy desserts or unbuttoning your tight, high-waist jeans for off-duty moments. Not many of us get a habit of doing face mask. It’s neither bizarre nor extra to be carried away in music with cucumber slices covering eyes and slathering face mask.

Promise LIQUICK Multi-Effect Liquid Dead Sea Mud Mask Featured
When you start liking it, you will be soon obsessed with it. That makes us look rich and seriously chill out. At the same time, let the skin recover from the invasion of pollution, allergens and harsh weather.

There are varieties of face masks with different formulas to ease skin woes. Sheet, cream, clay, mud or even DIY masks? We sure need at least one in our lives. Have you made up your mind yet? If not, then, let’s dive in my review about LIQUICK Multi-Effect Liquid Dead Sea Mud Mask of Promise Cosmetics. Maybe you can find something from here.

1. Contains Dead Sea Mud, Plant Extracts and Some Chemicals

The signature ingredient is dead sea mud, collected from the lowest and saltiest place on earth. Abundant in minerals, which deliver skin exfoliation, purification and rejuvenation. Likewise, formulated with Clary Sage Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice Powder, Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Jojoba Oil, Glycerin, Beta-Sitosterol and Tocopherol. They deliver moisturizing, soothing, antifungal, age-defying and preservative effects. Last but not least, there are some chemical ingredients that stabilize the formula, create a velvety texture and work as fragrances.

About Promise LIQUICK Multi-Effect Liquid Dead Sea Mud Mask
Top of all, the product is exceptionally packed with Dead Sea Black Mud (Silt), a god gifted resource from the deepest and saltiest lake on earth. Highly concentrated in salt and 21 essential minerals, an extraordinary powerhouse of magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium. Those provide hydrating, healing, rejuvenating, purifying and detoxifying properties. The beautifier has been renowned for its exfoliating dead skin cells, restoring the pH balance, purging and minimizing gunked-up pores and relieving skin disorders. It helps reduce eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis and acne. When topically applied, the Dead Sea Mud (Silt) can motivate blood circulation, but also calm nerves and muscles to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Infused with botanical oils of Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) and Salvia Sclarea (Clary). They boast soothing, moisturizing, antimicrobial and anti-aging activities. All of them outwardly dampen oxidative stress, smooth out dryness, mitigate inflammation and revitalize the lipid protective barrier for a clear, healthy complexion. Plus, the three oils have known to treat acne, balance skin’s pH level and regulate overactive sebaceous glands.

To maintain skin hydration, there is included glycerin, a humectant to attract water into the outermost layer and increase suppleness.

In addition, the formula consists of many other plant-derived ingredients. Lonicera Caprifolium and Lonicera Japonica Flower (Honeysuckle) extracts work as conditioning agents and especially, preservatives. The Honeysuckle extracts are also known as natural parabens with anti-inflammatory effects and very low hazards.

Promise LIQUICK Multi-Effect Liquid Dead Sea Mud Mask
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice powder and Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf extract bring about conditioning, anti-itchy and antibacterial activities. Furthermore, Beta-Sitosterol, a fatty acid naturally occurring in vegetables, fruits and seeds, tends to soothe and moisturize skin.

Some chemical ingredients function as adhesives, emulsifiers, texture enhancers and surfactants, like Acacia Senegal Gum, Polyglyceryl-5 Oleate and Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate. They help unite and stabilize ingredients in the formula as well as give smooth feelings to the touch. Moreover, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, derived from coconut oil and glycerin, locks skin in moisture and dampens dehydration. Similarly, there are Squalane and Squalene, which can be found in human sebum. With oily consistency, Both act as lubricants on skin surface for a silky texture.

Formulated with another preservative (Tocopherol) besides Honeysuckle extracts and fragrances (Parfum, Phenethyl Alcohol, Limonene and Linalool). Tocopherol is a type of vitamin E, naturally extracted from vegetables. It does its jobs as an antioxidant, moisturizer and even, preservative by protecting the product’s quality from the deterioration of UV exposure.

2. Soften Skin Texture and Improve Acne Vulgaris

The product is inclined to cause tingling, slightly hot sensations when topically applied. It has thin, fluid consistency, which is very blendable and delivers sandy particles to gently scrub over skin surface. I usually massage the mud all over my face in circular motion, except for the eye areas. That provides light exfoliation and detoxification. After 5 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water. When I first used the product, there were horrendously burning sensations on my skin and eyes. Then, the feelings become milder, my complexion gets smoother and brighter. It helps remarkably lessen breakouts, zits, lumps and the appearance of acne scars. Very suggestive for normal, combination, dry and especially oily, acne-prone skins.

Promise LIQUICK Multi-Effect Liquid Dead Sea Mud Mask Water Splash
For sure, we have heard a lot of compliments about the sublime beauty of dead sea mud. Also, it’s no longer elusive among a plethora of skincare goodies these days. However, does this product really deserve awe? In the end, the mask turns out to be amazingly terrific. I have been using the Promise LIQUICK Multi-Effect Dead Sea Mud Mask for nearly two months and the result is incredible. Well, you can see how I’m ecstatic about it through my words. Let me break down everything, why I feel that way.

The product gives muddy, quite fluid consistency with a very low level of viscosity. Its thin texture is very blendable with a given silicone sponge in the package. Recommend you girls to shake before using since that makes it more concentrated, less runny and spread more evenly. Leave the mask for five to ten minutes, it tends to remain wet and tacky rather than completely dry. I usually massage it on skin in circular motion and then, rinse off with lukewarm water.

To be honest, I got very skeptical in the first place, my initial impression was pretty off. When applied all over my face, except for the eye areas, I found my skin painfully burning and the aroma of the mask was terribly irritating my eyes. Not the relaxing and soothing sensations like I coveted. Because of that, I quickly washed it off after 5 minutes. Thankfully, the product did not aggravate the redness around my cheeks. I wonder if other girls who are using it have the same problem as mine. My skin is a type of combination, which is also quite sensitive and acne-prone at times.

I nearly quit it but then decided to stay patient and keep using the product in moderation. Twice a week for the first two weeks, there were not any particular improvements on my skin though. Otherwise, the unpleasant feelings tend to be better week after week, despite tingling, fairly hot sensations still remain every time I smear the mud on my face. My skin seems to start getting along with it.

Review Promise LIQUICK Multi-Effect Liquid Dead Sea Mud Mask
Therefore, I raise the frequency of using the mask, for instances, three to four times per week. Annoyingly, when it sits for longer than 5 minutes, like 7 to 10 minutes, at a time, my skin gets slightly flared up with some red, itchy circles on the cheeks. But, that is not really severe. Once I remove the mask, the redness and itchiness will soon diminish.

Now, head above those bad things and get straight to the outcome. Within a month, I’m literally shook seeing that the miracles are happening to my complexion.

Routinely, I do double cleansing to get rid all of makeup or sunscreen and debris on the skin surface prior to swiping on the product. It helps me move the cleansing step to a whole new level. Massaging the mud all over my face, this would rather work like a facial scrub imparting countless tiny gritty particles to gently slough off dull dead skin cells. At once, it’s drawing out the build-up of impurities, excessive sebum and toxins beneath the skin surface.

Wash off with tepid water and use a towel to pat dry. My skin finds genuinely clean and fresh without a trace of grease, dirt or makeup, in spite of being a bit dry and tight. Next, followed with toner, oil-based serum and moisturizing cream, which are infused with plant-derived fatty acids, antimicrobials and antioxidants. My skin usually gets horribly dry after cleansing, so those souped-up skincare products help ultimately replenish it overnight. However, if your skin is a type of very oily and blemish-prone, water-based, non-comedogenic serum may be your go-to.

My complexion recently looks brighter and plumper with healthy luminosity. On top of that, white bumps and blackheads little by little disappear. I’m telling the truth, ladies! Tiny cysts and roughness are my headaches all the time, some spot treatments I used before even turned them from bad to worse. What a pain! But, this mud mask is now literally doing wonders for my skin’s sake. I love applying it during my premenstrual acne.

Promise LIQUICK Multi-Effect Liquid Dead Sea Mud Mask tested on my hand
Mildly rub the mud over and next, properly hydrate, within three days, all of mega, nasty zits and pimples shrink leaving no blistering sensations. Also, some acne scars are gradually faded away. You may not see any improvements in the first couple weeks, but after that, this brings about an astounding makeover that results in a clear, resilient looking skin. I have just had a new addiction here. Moreover, large, clogged pores no longer drive me nuts, the product really tightens those openings without greasiness.

Overall, I would recommend the product to most of skin types, normal, combination and especially, oily, acne-prone. This is exceptionally desirable for those who more often suffer excessive sebum production, congestion, breakouts and acne scars. However, I’m not very sure to suggest this to girls who have way too sensitive skins, based on what I went through. Not to mention the fact that the formula contains many artificial fragrances, which are skin irritants. You can use it less frequently, for example, only once or twice a week as well as apply a decent amount to keep your flare-ups at bay.

3. Beautiful, Tough Packaging Design

Promise LIQUICK Multi-Effect Liquid Dead Sea Mud Mask Packaging
Comes to a small plastic bottle in lovely chubby shape and purple color. I’m really digging the packaging design. Lightweight, easy to use and tough to withstand physical damage. I’m certain about that while I was taking the photo of the product in water. It’s tough enough to prevent water from getting inside. Furthermore, the silicone sponge is handy, squeezy and soft, smoothly swiping on skin. You can find all of the product information, from ingredients to usage instruction in the cardboard box.

4. My Rating (8/10): Would like to Repurchase It and Try Other Promise Products

Rating 8/10

Although I did not have very good feelings in the beginning, the product eventually gives me wonderful returns. I’m very willing to repurchase it and looking forward to trying other products of the brand. I’ll give it 8 out of 10.

Hope you can find the review informative and useful enough about the Promise LIQUICK Multi-Effect Liquid Dead Sea Mud Mask. Please, be free to share your thoughts with me. That is my pleasure. Thank you so much for joining me! Always stay beautiful, dreamers!


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