Review: Tarte – Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette


Review Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye Cheek Palette

We crave for making the world more brilliant and joyful with a bunch of fascinating colors. Lately, I’ve been digging into one of the holy grails that frankly perform magicals to our gorgeousness. It literally captivates my attention; my mouth hasn’t stopped drooling and my hands haven’t gotten bored by obsessing over it. I’m so ecstatic to walk us through a review of Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette. The product jumped out at me when I first saw it; there is no single words to describe all how dazzling it is inside-out.

I think this is one of Tarte’s most blockbusters. The brand has been very admirable for high-quality, multitasking makeup. We’re lined up to ask for more and more wonderful lipsticks and eyeshadows with numerous vibrant hues. Now, our wish is granted.

1. About the Product

The eye & cheek palette belongs to the Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Collection, which was extraordinarily unicorn-inspired, introduced in the Summer, 2017. It looks like a rainbow to me, as if I’d come into the Wonderland. So magnificent and outstanding among other items in the collection, such as:

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Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Collection

The product includes 10 different eyeshadows in an same size and one big highlighter. Majority of them are beautifully iridescent; otherwise, there is just one with matte finish as a neutral shade. Each eyeshadow is made of the formulation of healthy, excellent ingredients for ideal pigmentation in the absence of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl and gluten. Additionally, infused with botanical juices and dermatologist tested not to cause irritation or allergic reactions. Moreover, it’s logically minded to provide vegan and cruelty-free makeup.

2. My thoughts

You can find light, medium and dark hues in the palette; mainly bringing about pearly finish. Gotta say all of shades are high-performance and really live up my expectation. They are more likely to be finely milled and give incredible color payoff; so easily pick up and lay down with makeup brush and fingertips.

If you look closely at every shades, you can see some of them tend to fall out and be more intense to metallic side with chunkier, thicker consistency. Apparently, we have only one matte shade here; but, I feel it’s somehow out of comfort zone of the shimmery concept that the palette is supposed to mostly go for.

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye Cheek Palette Opened

I’m gonna start with the Believe, the largest one as highlighter and eyeshadow. This is also the lightest, coolest shade with white hue, yellowish undertone and illuminating effect. It has an extremely sheer texture as well as softly reflects the light without leaving odd white marks.

Additionally, the shade is very blendable and wearable for most of skin tones, diffuses evenly and brightens up your complexion. I often utilize my large fan brush to pick the pigment and sweep upon my cheekbones. Or, grab a small makeup brush to highlight inner V of the eyes. Believe literally delivers an airbrushed look; however, it’s slightly dusty.

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye Cheek Palette Colors


Fairy gives a light to medium purple with a frosted, glittery finish and a hint of cool tone. The shade is sufficiently pigmented, like sleeking onto my skin without clumps or patchy residuals. it’s easy to apply and results in medium, smooth consistency. I love using my fingertips to press onto the outer part of the lid. When blending out, by chance the micro-glitter fairly goes around and fallout. This is genuinely buildable; but also, doesn’t cause chalky or caked-on look. The shade is astoundingly compatible with others in the palette. You can grab a small angled brush to carefully apply it onto upper lashes in the place of eyeliners.


Mystic is a light to medium silver having strong metallic finish with cool undertone. Visibly, it has marvelous color payoff that neatly glides onto my eyelid. In spite of building many layers on top, it doesn’t leave streaks or unpleasant, blotchy appearance. The shade really brings about velvety texture and high coverage. Nevertheless, it’s not blendable as same as the Fairy. The Mystic is somehow persistent, you may take time to spread out evenly by makeup brush. Then, I prefer dabbing it onto the lids, particularly the centre part. It effortlessly makes my eyes pop out. All skin tones are gonna can’t help falling in love with it. This is all-time choice for makeup artist.


Next, Dream is a light to medium blue of the sky with multiple flecks of shimmer. Similar to Fairy, the shade gives a seamless, creamy consistency and a sheer to medium coverage, which is exquisitely buildable. Plus, it’s very blendable; I adore the way it gently accentuates my eyelids. The hue is undeniably sprightly and refreshing. Likewise, it’s formulated with splendid pigment; I pick it up by lightly pressing the makeup brush to the eyeshadow and then, dab on my lids. However, applying with fingertips is quicker and easier to control. Dream’s micro-glitter is less likely to fall out than the Fairy.

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye Cheek Palette Eyeshadows


Crystal is a light to medium rosy mauve with warm, golden undertone. You can see it’s pink; but also pale purple. The shade is slightly dusty; otherwise, still delivers a silky texture. This is one of neutral shades that can get along with others and create harmony transition between eyeshadows. It’s vibrant; however, not overwhelming; wearable for all skin tones. Very blendable and buildable by utilizing the makeup brush. Crystal results in a restful, icy sheen with sheer to medium coverage and doesn’t have sparkling particles noticeably falling out. Speaking of its’ color payoff, which is really potent that you don’t need to sweep over many times.


Pixie reminds me a lot about the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette. It’s a light to medium coral pink reflecting pearly, golden sheen. The hue is glorious and ethereal, very lady-like. It’s inclined to provide impeccable texture and pigment. Effortlessly build it up by makeup brush or fingertips without patchy and clumpy looks.

I’d like to let it go all the way of my eyelids. Pixie isn’t chalky at all, it’s flecks of shimmer don’t make any disgruntled moments of falling out onto the cheeks or underneath the eyes. This adorable hue is suitable for everyday and all of skin tones. Moreover, It’s my favourite shade that I earnestly covet for occasions, like Valentine’s Day with sweet, elegant makeup.


Myth is an unique matte shade in the palette. It’s much like nude, a light to medium rosy brown having cool, pink undertone. The shade is more likely to sheer out similar to Believe, you gotta touch up several layers to build a medium coverage. It’s very powdery; however, amazingly blendable. It’s best to use a fluffy brush and blend to the area above the crease in windshield-wiper motion. The shade creates a gradient effect of the eyelids. I’ven’t gotten any other ideas how to use the single matte shade rather than that because we have only one here. Myth has a sort of poor color payoff, you may have to dab it many times.


Get back to the frosted finish with Magic, which is a medium to dark, bronzy brown, gives strong metallic effect. Its’ consistency is obviously denser and chunkier than shimmery shades, such as Crystal, Pixie and Dream. When holding the makeup brush to sweep onto the surface, Magic is pretty dusty; but, highly pigmented. I did try a fluffy brush to pick it up; but, it’s no use.

Eye smudger brush is more effective to apply the great pigment. Magic genuinely delivers a smokey, seductive look. Otherwise, you may have to put more efforts to blend it out. The shade’s glittery particles can slightly fall out to the cheeks or under the eyes. And, it does give a creamy texture.

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye Cheek Palette


Wings is the light to medium copper brown with the hint of warm, reddish tones and iridescent, glowing reflection. Same as the Magic, Wings brings about splendid color payoff and medium-high coverage intensely metallic. The shade has a silky, cream-like; but also, chunky, thick texture. It’s less dusty than Magic; but, kinda stubborn and not blendable. Smudger brush is able to pick up and smoothly lay down its’ pigment onto the eyelid. Plus, the shade’s flecks of sparkles can slightly fall out. Gotta say the hue is really beautiful and vibrant.


Marvel is a light to medium gold having cool undertone and a pearly, metallic finish with fine sparkles. This is one of the most flattering shades in the palette. It’s extraordinarily exquisite and lustrous, soundly gliding onto my skin. Nevertheless, when sweeping onto my eyelid, it tends to intensify the appearance of fine lines on skin of the lid without primer and powder base.

Highly recommend applying primer and then, powder base before pressing the eyeshadow upon. Marvel is visibly more blendable; but also, less fallout and dusty than Wings and Magic. The shade is almost flawless with dreamy, velvety texture and high-quality pigment. Also, Marvel’s consistency and coverage is much thinner and lighter than Magic and Wings.


Eventually, Trance is deep, taupe brown giving frosted, icy sheen and a hint of grey. It belongs to group of heavy metallic shades, particularly Magic, Wings and Mystic. So, Trance has chunky and dense consistency with lots of shiny sparkles falling out everytime blending by makeup brush. It’s slightly chalky and quite blendable. Genuinely buildable and seamless in the absence of caked-on, patchy texture or emphasis of fine lines on the lids. The shade leaves a good color payoff onto skin.

They are relatively long lasting for 7 and a half hours, except for the matte one and highlighter, which quickly fade away. Applying primer and skin-tone powder base beneath is must-do to set these eyeshadows in place for long-wearing and blend them evenly. I tried to apply the eyeshadows without putting primer and powder base on, they turned out being a mess and easily come off. The product does have smell; but, nothing special or particular.

3. Packaging

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye Cheek Palette Packaging

All of those gorgeous shades come to a deluxe, rounded compact, which is one of the most allurings that I’ve ever seen. It’s geniusly designed with colorful, unicorn-inspired decoration in the front and shiny gold mirror at the back. It’s really goddess-like and irresistible I can tell. Open it up! As I said before, the palette contains 10 eyeshadows, named Fairy, Mystic, Dream, Crystal, Pixie, Myth, Magic, Wings, Marvel and Trance.

Inside Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye Cheek Palette

These are placed in same size of 0.038 oz, surrounding the largest (Believe in 0.105 oz) you can use as eyeshadow and highlighter. I really like the big mirror this time, it’s right underneath the lid.

The product is really convenient for travelling. It’s not too big or heavy; however, handy and resilient. The compact adequately fits into my hand to hold when applying eyeshadows and its’ generous mirror is literally a big help.
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4. Rating 9/10

Rating 9/10

I think Tarte Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette is fantastic and incredible, except for one thing, I crave for more matte shades here. Everything seems to be good; There is no certain difficulties of using these shades. The palette is something that Beauty Junkies can’t miss. So, I’m gonna give it 9 out of 10.

I hope this review can give useful information and comprehensive understanding about Tarte Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette. If you have any ideas or suggestion or have been using the product, please let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much for joining me!


    • That’s so incredible. I’m happy that the review is helpful and enjoyable enough to you. I also hope she likes the gift. The palette is genuinely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me! ?


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