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The peach-inspired eyeshadow palettes of the Too Faced have been one of the most talked-about since 2016. The product can’t be kept in stock, “sold out” is usually marked on it. I did miss the chance to get my hands on this goddess at the first round later last year. It keeps dazzling, like such a devastating storm that blows our folks away. I was insanely squealing once the palette came back to the Sephora, and I picked it up no matter what. Yay! I’m so excited right now. Also, honored to share all of my thoughts in the review of Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette and answer whether or not this is worth the hype.

Review Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette Cover

I think you might be in-the-know about the reputable story of Too Faced Cosmetics. Established in 1998 by the talented, passionate couple as co-founders, Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. Too Faced was born with love and brought about a revolution in the cosmetic industry under cruelty-free commitment. The brand focuses on exploring the true beauty that boosts women’s self-confidence and attractiveness.

1. About Product

The Sweet Peach Eye Shadow is Too Faced’s limited edition, literally enriched with fruity scent as well as anti-aging essence of peach. The product triggers youngblood’s creativity to make their own ways in often changing their appearances with 18 shades. It includes peachy pinks, bronzes, corals and pops of purples with and without shimmer. All you may die for is to have endless, summer looks. Every skin tone can fall in love with it at the drop of a hat.

Set a countdown timer and wait for the moment to see it in person. The blockbuster eyeshadow palette was first showed up on market in the early May 2016. Too Faced has kept restocking it like a bat out of hell. Moreover, it received a bunch of flattering and epic words on social networking sites. People have been so inquisitive and freaking crazy about the peachy palette, which seems to be never kept in stock.

Jerrod Blandino uploaded a video on his personal Instagram to give thrilling thanks and messages to Too Faced’s fans for having huge crushes on the sweet peach. He promised “every single person who wants it will be able to get it.” Besides, the secret is they have to spend months and months manufacturing something like the palette. So, keep calm girls, you’ll finally own it!

2. My General Impression

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette Shades

At the first glance, I was really impressed by how elegant and adorable it is with vibrant colors and a fascinating peachy scent. I gotta say the scent was undeniably obvious and kinda overwhelming thorough the box at my first opening. I got a headache shortly because of its’ strong fragrance; however, it seems to be more relaxing after a few days. The sweet and charming it tends to perk your spirit up quickly. I also did taste it when doing swatches on my arms, sounds creepy tho; but, it literally has a sugary flavor. I can find all of its’ smell and taste tend to make the palette become more alluring than others I’ve used before.

The palette does have 18 shades all in the same size (0.03 oz for each). They provide a mix of matte and shimmer, giving you a whole world amusingly with enough light, medium and dark colors. All of them are more likely to have warmer undertones than Too Faced’s original palettes, such as Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow and Chocolate Bon Bons Palettes. You can feel free to undergo variations of makeup looks for your eyelids. These are supposed to be amazingly pigmented and blendable; but somehow, I don’t see all of the shades actually working out that way.

Overall, I prefer shimmery shades that are almost in the palette and inclined to sleek gorgeously onto my eyelids. Even though, some of them seem to be fall-out, like small glitter falling on my cheeks. Speaking of the matte shades, which are skewed to being dry and powdery; nevertheless, they still work pretty well for a airbrushed looking goal.

3. Get to Know More about the Shades

White Peach

White Peach Shade

White Peach is the lightest shade in the palette with a warm, yellowish undertone and satin finish. Then, it tends to brighten your eyes up, instead of the whitening effect. To be honest, this is also the one I felt most skeptical about. I don’t know why; but, it’s really hard to pick up utterly the color onto my bare skin when doing swatch. Regardless of using a brush or fingertips, the shade presents in a very subtle way.

To be fair, I do adore it’s slightly lustrous on the surface. It may have the lowest pigmentation, compared to the rest of the shades. Anyway, I usually do the white peach to gently intensify my brow bone and set a nice base all over my lid before working with the shadows. This is quite chalky and may crave for primer applied underneath rather than others tho since it’s easily gone after a half hour.


Nectar Shade

Nectar is the sheer to medium shade with the hue of golden yellow and a frosted, icy sheen. It visibly brings better pigmentation than the white peach and delivers an incredible, youthful look with a warm undertone. This is a lush, shining shade, which is spectacularly milled for seamless texture.

Furthermore, I can guarantee Nectar doesn’t cause any clumping or streaks by re-applying many times. It’s perfectly buildable and weightless. I’d like to blend the shade onto my brow bone and inner corners of my eyes or sometimes, make a dab to the eyelid. I think this is one of the most complimentary shades in the palette.

Peaches ‘N Cream

Peaches N Cream Shade

“Peaches ‘N Cream” is a mattifying shade that brings light apricot color with a warm (yellowish and orangish) undertone I guess. And, it’s extremely about powdery side so easily sheers out. I would say it may be normal; but this is something that you really need to start off your desirable, peachy look. I often do it to set my creases or for the entire eyelid from lashline up to brow.

This shade is extremely simple to apply, especially for beginners tho. It doesn’t exaggerate or cause high intensity at all. You can confidently make this shade for everyday because it’s friendly and nearly close to the general skin tones. In contrast, Peaches ‘N Cream is muted and less pigmented.


Luscious Shade

Luscious is a medium, copper brown, having warm undertones and a metallic finish that astoundingly reflects light. Gotta say this is a unique shade in the palette. It does effortlessly deliver an impeccable, silky texture and opaque coverage that you can’t withstand. Moreover, it’s super buildable without annoying patchy spots as well as formulated with high-pigment and high-glitter.

You’ll find gratified by its’ brilliant color payoff when applied onto bare skin, totally staying in place and not easily coming off. Luscious is designed for long-wearing about 7 hours and a half. Then, it turns into a glittery, peachy hue at the end of the day. I’d love to use my fingertips and directly dab them into inner corners of my eyes. That’s gonna make my eyes pop out.


Cobbler Shade

Cobbler is a medium to dark, reddish-brown with flecks of shimmer and warm undertones. I’m not really an expert on using this shade much. I think it’s striking and incredibly blendable. Luscious and Cobbler are kinda alike. Differently, Cobbler is prone to show more intensity in the brown side; otherwise, lower levels of luminosity as well as pigmentation. Also, the shade is relatively long-lasting for nearly 6 hours. I’m sure that you guys can manage using this shade more wisely than me.


Georgia Shade

Georgia provides a sort of dusty peachy pink with warm undertones and a mattifying effect. Besides Peaches ‘N Cream, the palette gives another option for you in a medium tone carrying soft sweetness. Georgia is an ideal transition shade that naturally reaches further toward the coveted peachy look.

It tends to create the adorable depths in your eyelids by placing into the creases. This shade is very wearable, everyone can go along with it. Sadly, it’s fairly pale color and not really pigmented, so you may have to build it up by a couple of times. However, it’s less likely to be chalky than Peaches ‘N Cream, even though they both give matte finishes.

Just Peachy

Just Peachy Shade

Just Peachy results in a medium, rosy pink, which reflects golden sparkles. Its coverage and pigmentation are much lower than Lucious; but relatively equal to Cobbler. I thought this shade would be more orangey undertone or something about peachy as its’ name. Just Peachy’s light, pearly pink with the hint of golden tone may be shockingly a dupe for the Diamonds shade of M.U.A Color Blast Eyeshadow Tint. Furthermore, it gorgeously sleeks onto bare skin as well as is flawlessly buildable. I can’t stop myself from using it again and again, it makes me stay refreshed and lively.

One problem I gotta deal with, its’ color payoff isn’t strong enough to be prominent onto my eyes when blended with other shades. Primer doesn’t completely solve this tho. I just crave for more pigment in this shade, I really love it. The shade can last for 5-6 hours.

Candied Peach

Candied Peach Shade

Candied Peach displays a coral pink color with warm undertones and adds sparse, pink glitters. It seems to give a semi-matte finish. The shade is inclined to provide a high intensity into peachy side over others. Its micro-glitter is muted and imperceptible onto bare skin. Majorly shows a mattifying side; significantly less chalky than Peaches ‘N Cream.

I think Candied Peach is infused with average pigmentation, not actually fabulous; but you won’t have to build up so many times. This is somehow superior than other matte shades in the palette I can tell and stays in place for 6 hours. You can apply and blend it out onto my creases and edges for a sexy, smokey peachy eyeshadow tho.


Caramelized Shade

Caramelized is a medium to dark shade, giving bronze color in the palette with a frosted finish. I would say its formula is nearly equal to Luscious, except for its colors. It’s extraordinarily high pigmented and blendable with visibly iridescent shimmer. In addition, shows up a seamless texture and opaque coverage. I obsess over this shade, which tends to soften out lash lines and come up with the idea of bronzed cat-eyes, next to its’ metallic, smokey effect. Caramelized really inspires a seductive look that’s killer you want to keep occasionally.

Nevertheless, a small issue I don’t like about the shade is its’ leaving dusty texture upon the surface. Anyway, the color is amazing that you’ll totally agree with and long-lasting up to 8 hours.

Bless Her Heart

Bless Her Heart Shade

Bless Her Heart is another metallic shade that distinctively appears with medium to dark, olive green and a hint of golden shimmer. It can be duped out with shade No.3 of M.A.C. Wash & Dry Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio in Green Clean. Bless Her Heart has good pigmentation and leaves a smooth texture; yet, moderately dusty. Well, I rarely use it because this is hard to work with others in the palette. I mean most of the shades seem to match pretty well for a peachy, orangey concept; unfortunately, it’s quite outside of the comfort zone.

For me, the shade is possibly a transition between Bellini and Tempting. I don’t know; I’m still working on it. Its’ warm green tone is really beautiful; but not vibrant on bare skin. So, the trick is spraying your brush and then, applying to the lids in dabbing motions. That’s gonna stay for 6-7 hours.


Bellini Shade

Bellini is a light to a medium shade of coral pink with a frosted finish and golden, pearly sheen. I’m really fond of this shade, one of my favourite ever. It’s really delightful and very “ladylike”, which you can’t refuse to try. I think Bellini is one of the hottest in the palette. The color is enchanting and very wearable not only every day; but also on occasion, especially suitable for Weddings and Valentine’s day.

Moreover, Its’ pigmentation and texture are high-quality; in spite of being slightly dry and powdery. It’s kinda fall-out in the middle of day and even, while applying. I usually get tiny golden glitter on my cheek. Lastly, the shade is blendable nicely onto the lids and long-lasting for 7 hours.


Puree Shade

Puree is a medium, caramel brown color with warm undertones and a matte finish. This shade seems to be a substitution for Caramelized without metallic effect. It’s muted and gives incredible color payoff that you can effortlessly pick its’ color in one to two strokes. It’s not hard to find a color similar to Puree, somewhere outside the box. For example, you can get the mattifying warm brown in M.A.C. Saddle Eyeshadow, which can be a great dupe for Puree. It may be a bit powdery; however, much finer than other matte ones, particularly Peaches N’ Cream and Georgia.

I often apply the shade to my outer creases in order to create depths of my eyes. Also, the color can be blended out effectively with orangey shades to do gradient effects and stay in place for nearly 8 hours.


Tempting Shade

Tempting is the darkest shade in the palette, providing a pitch black with added shimmer in it for a luminous effect. I’ve not used this shade much because it’s too dark for routine. I’d love to wear something that makes me be refreshed and pleasant so I can feel confident to look at them. It’s fine if use the shade to do mysterious, smokey eyeshadow for night outs I guess. Or, gently apply it upon my upper lash lines instead of my eyeliners.

This is one of the most challenging shades that I couldn’t handle well. It smears around my eyes and messes up with my foundation. I should practice more tho. To be fair, Tempting has a gorgeous color payoff without a doubt and is creamy rather than powdery or dusty. It’s difficult to blend out evenly onto bare skin; but very long-lasting for 8 hours.

Peach Pit

Peach Pit Shade

Peach Pit may easily deceive you when placed next to Delectable. You probably think it’s a sort of dark purple with a metallic finish. But, it’s not; specifically, the shade is a type of medium to dark, reddish-brown, so-called “Mahogany” color with the hint of purple. It literally has a sense of purple I can guarantee. Additionally, it’s designed to have high pigmentation and creamy texture; otherwise, still slightly dry and dusty. Peach Pit might be a sophisticated choice to me; it has an elegant color with pearly sheen.

I’ve not used it much since bought the palette from the store. I really like the purple undertone, which has never been vibrant onto my creases. blend the shade with others, it looks merely a dark brown to me. It can stay in place for 7-8 hours.

Summer Yum

Summer Yum Shade

Summer Yum is a medium to dark, brick red color with brown undertones and a matte finish. The shade has an excellent color payoff and brings about a smooth coverage. It’s finely milled that I can feel between my fingertips; even though dusty on the surface. Summer Yum is less chalky than much lighter, matte shades in the palette so it doesn’t easily sheer out when blending on bare skin.

I usually press the shade to the outer half of my lids, it’s amazingly blendable and getting along pretty well with others. Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear Eyeshadow can be a perfect dupe for Summer Yum with a warm brown. The shade really has a nice consistency, not much different from Puree. They both have soft, cream-like textures. It’s long-wearing for 8 hours.

Charmed, I’m Sure

Charmed, I’m Sure

“Charmed, I’m Sure” gives a medium to dark brown color with a matte finish and warm undertones. The shade is fairly pigmented that you can totally pick its’ color with fingertips and makeup brushes. Its’ consistency is relatively similar to Puree and Summer Yum, soft and moderately powdery. The texture and coverage will be smoother and more in control if putting primer before applying.

The shade is really suitable to define the creases without darkening or smudging around, this could be less severe than Tempting. Charmed, I’m Sure is nicely blendable and when paired with peachy shades, it’s warm brown is an instant solution to bring out depths and dimensions of your eyes. It can stay in place for 7-8 hours.


Delectable Shade

Delectable is a medium to dark, Mulberry purple with warm undertones and flecks of shimmer. I thought this could be one of the most beautiful shades in the palette. I would say this shade doesn’t have much shimmer in it; otherwise, prone to matte side. The product description shows there will be pops of purple in the palette; to be honest, Delectable is the only one that I’m able to see clearly purple hue. Furthermore, the majority of shimmery shades, like Luscious, Cobbler or Nectar are more likely to have good pigmentation and be very blendable, except for Delectable.

Disappointedly, the shade has poor color payoff, which is inclined to sheer out quickly. And, it’s difficult to blend evenly onto bare skin, much drier and more powdery so you may find annoyed to work with. This really turns me off about the palette. It can merely last for 4-5 hours.

Talk Derby to Me

Talk Derby to Me Shade

Talk Derby to Me seems to be a dark, blackened purple with a glittery sheen. To me, when doing swatch or applying onto bare skin, the shade doesn’t much differ from Tempting. It’s more like faded black with a lot of tiny purple sparkles. Besides, Talk Derby To Me has a bit low pigmentation as well as dry and chalky texture with blotchy marks. The shade isn’t blendable well without primer. I usually spray my angled brush to hold its’ pigment and draw onto my upper lashes same as eyeliners. It can stay in place for roughly 7 hours.

4. Packaging

The packaging is absolutely stunning. Interestingly, the 18 shades come into a box that is peachy ombre, tin pencil case-like. It has featured peaches, brand name and the palette’s own name “Sweet Peach.” I can’t get my hands off it. If compare to the Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette, the Sweet Peach is much thinner and lighter. So, it doesn’t take too many places in your bag. Like I said before, all the shades are designed in the same size, then, the palette doesn’t have twice bigger highlight shades same as the Chocolate Bar. I think the palette is really tough and has not suffered any damage and even, a scratch when I carry it to travel around.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

Besides, the palette will always come with a How-To Glamour Guide that instructs you to do three different makeup looks for your eyelids. I think it’s more convenient for beginners. It does have a mirror inside that facilitates you to do eyeshadows. You can check out its’ price below.

5. Rating 8/10

Rating 8/10

I gotta say the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette is really cool, although some of the shades might be not perfect for our needs. Overall, it deserves to be praised. In contrast, if you ask me is it something “holy grail” or you must stumble and fall to chase after. Nah, I don’t think so. But, it’s good to try or bring it home to get a fun experience. It literally lifts your mood, girls. I decided to give it 8 out of 10 without regret.

This is all of my very personal thoughts about the Too Faced – Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. If you have any questions, suggestions,s or ideas, please don’t be hesitate to ask. I’d love to hear you out and that will help me a lot to understand you more. Thank you so much for spending time with us.


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