4 Tips to Have A Flawless Skin Without Makeup


4 Tips to Have A Flawless Skin Without Makeup

A flawless, radiant skin is something most of girls truly yearn for and that’s not infeasible. I’m not talking about how incredibly the expensive cosmetic products are beneficial to our look. Otherwise, I’m gonna prone to a true and natural beauty that’s always a priceless remedy for our self-confidence. All you need is being patient to follow every step that little by little reaches to our desired goal. Let’s accompany Punica to figure out.

1. Organic Facial Mask

    Brown Rice and Almond Milk Face Mask

  1. Add 2 teaspoon brown rice to a small bowl.
  2. Grind the brown rice into a paste.
  3. Pour 2-3 teaspoons of almond milk.
  4. Gently apply all over your face and leave for 15 minutes.
  5. Use a vibrate facial brush to massage your skin at last 5 minutes of face mask for exfoliation.
  6. After that, rinse off with warm water and pat dry.
  7. Apply moisturizers blended with a few drops of vitamin C serum.
  8. Build daily habits of in-taking nutritious beverages in the morning.
brown rice

Brown rice is well known as one of the most nutritious food resources that contain a high amount of fiber, vitamins, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, niacin, thiamine and antioxidants. Also, it’s really an amazing ingredient that’s able to provides a deep nourishment into the skin cells from an organic, homemade facial mask two to three times a week, preferably at nighttime.

almond milk

Add 2 teaspoons of brown rice and 2-3 teaspoons of almond milk (no sugar) into a small bowl. You gotta grind them into a paste. Then, gently applying to you face in circular motions and leaving for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water and move on to your skincare routine.

Brown Rice and Almond Milk face mask

This mask’s gonna bring about a natural source of emollient and anti-aging elements that penetrates into your skin. Furthermore, that also tightens your pores and improve the skin complexion.

2. Exfoliation

exfoliating your face

Exfoliation is extremely vital for reproducing your new skin cell. It tends to remove makeup, dirt and dead skin cells that usually cause clogged pores and aging spots on the skin. For further benefits, it helps to reduce blackheads and whiteheads, improve the skin complexion and provide smooth sensation. Twice a week is really great for normal, oily and combination skins; but, that’s gonna be too much for sensitive skin so it might be perfect for once a week.

You can do exfoliation while applying the brown rice and almond milk mask that I did mention above. About 5 minutes left of the mask, you gotta use a facial cleansing brush that has rotating bristles to scrub, massage and polish your skin in circular motions all over. Afterward, wash your face with warm water. Glowing look will noticeably appear on your skin.

3. Adding Antioxidants to Moisturizers

orange serum

To boost the efficiency of our skincare routine, you can simply add a few drops of pure orange extract, like orange serum into a few drops of your current moisturizer. Then, blend it and gently apply to your face.

The vitamin C of orange serum will work effectively as an antioxidant. This blended cream will add more benefits to your skin, not only moisturizing but also dampen free-radical damages and dark spots, soothing the tired skin and even out the skin tone.

4. A Nutritious Beverage Intake

herb infused water

Once you wake up, drink a cup of warm lemon water, coconut water or herb infused water and then, wait roughly a half of hour before your breakfast.This’s gonna supply hydration to your skin from inside your body by flushing out inner toxins and hence, leave a naturally radiant, clear look on your skin.

Let’s make a habit of doing this after waking up every morning and you’ll see remarkable changes to your skin day by day.

smoothie bowl with oat goji and chia seed

Moreover, a habit of daily drinking vitamin C super smoothies, like orange, mango, blueberry or avocado will push collagen production that makes your skin firmer and more elastic and even, reduce wrinkles. Besides, it’s amazing if you add chia seed, goji berries and organic oats into the smoothies, which will make your skin healthier inside and outside. These two ingredients added contains a high amount of vitamin E, omega 3 fats, zinc, magnesium, and fiber that make your skin supple, soft, youthful and anti-inflamed.

Thank you so much for spending time with the fox, Punica in this post! I hope you like it, try these tips out and get good results to your skin. If you have any questions, I’m humble to answer them. If you have any ideas for the perfect natural skincare, I’d love to hear you out. It’s so great for your support.


  1. I love using all natural products for my skin especially my face. I don’t wear makeup, the most I do is some lipgloss and mascara from 100% pure. I keep my skin routine really simple and also eating a balanced helps along with lots of water.

    • Wow! You’re so amazing. I only wear minimal makeup daily and have organic skincare regimen with Juice Beauty. Good to hear that. Keep going with it. It’s really healthy. Thank you so much for let me know your thoughts ❤️


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