How to Deal with Enlarged Pores


How to Deal with Enlarged Pores

We’re sometimes struggling with enlarged pores and subsequent troubles. This is really a stubborn nuisance. Even though we’ve tried so hard to get rid of them; yet, they’re still sneaky coming back on our face. It tends to make your skin appear unsightly and we feel less confident about our appearance. This post is to understand more about your pores and find out optimal solutions for the different problems that your pores have to deal with.

1. What are skin pores?

Enlarged Pores

Pores are little hair follicle openings in skin surface to enable discharging perspiration (sweat or sebum) and other inner toxins. Taking care of pores are really important for healthy, breathing skin. The sebum, produced by beneath sebaceous glands, can be released outside through the pores in order to naturally moisturize the skin.

2. Why pores are enlarged?

Large pores and breakouts

Most of the cases, the genetics will determine the sizes of skin pores. Moreover, large pores are commonly going with oily and acne-prone skins, which suffer excessive sebum. This is not always the only reason for causing breakouts.

Debris and dirt easily stick into the pores because of the greasy surface; and together with, dead skin cells induce clogged pores. Hence, this results in breeding acnes (whiteheads and blackheads). Furthermore, aging skin and sun exposure can contribute to make your skin pores larger and more noticeable.

3. How you can diminish the size of your pores?

Minimizing your pore size and making them less visible are still possible. All you need to do is taking skincare routine and products that are suitable for your skin conditions. There are many excellent primers that help to tighten your skin pores. Just pick a right one for you.

You need to remove makeup everyday because makeup powder or foundation might cause clogged pores and arouse over-released sebum. Using cleansing foam twice a day is necessary to get rid of sebum, debris and dirt.

You should do exfoliation once a week to discard dead skin cells and motivate collagen regeneration for a natural, seamless looking skin.

Use good moisturizers with BHA

For large skin pores with excessive sebum, you might need moisturizers that contain Salicylic acid (BHA) to manage sebum production. However, your skin might turn to be more delicate and tender.

Therefore, you should apply sunscreen as well while using BHA containing moisturizers to protect you skin from harmful UV rays and environmental damages.

We hope this post is able to answers any wonders that you have for large pores. If you have any questions and suggestions to have better results, I’d love to hear you out. Thank you so much for your supporting and interest!


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