Skincare in cool weather

Skin is the greatest organ of our body to help us defend the microorganism invasion (virus and bacteria) and environmental affection. Moreover, it’s also one of body parts that we care at most for a confident appearance. This gorgeous shield is too fragile to cope with harsh conditions from the boiling heat of summer to the freezing air of winter.

A common skincare regimen might be no longer to work for your skin. In this post, there are primary tips that girls need to know to rival cold weather for a flawless looking skin. Then, I have to spend the skincare tips of hot weather for next time.

Dry cracking skin

Hydrating is extremely important for skin, especially when temperature starts to drop badly.

Epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin, brings about the emollient barrier to your skin, providing a smooth and supple look.

Cold, less humid weather means to significantly suck moisture from your skin, leaving itchiness, flakiness, dry patches and inflammation (eczema). This might also quickly result in fine lines and aging spots.

1. Gentle Cleansers

Gently wash off your skin

The dryness would cause skin damages and sensitivity. Then, you need to switch to calming cleansers with a milky, creamy base. They promises to remove all of impurities and makeup without stripping out your skin emollient.

2. Avoid Taking Hot Baths or Washing Face by Hot Water

a long soak in hot bath

You might get used to relax your mind as well as your body with a long soak in hot shower after a freezing day. Unfortunately, it tends to lead to further drying out your skin.

Furthermore, an enormous change of temperature might make your skin get shock as well as bring about skin injuries, like cracking, irritation and redness.

Please don’t soak for more than 15-20 minutes. And, use cool or warm water to quickly wash off your face.

3. Daily Ultra-Moisturizing Skincare

Let’s add this to your must-do list in winter season. You can use long-lasting moisturizer with SPF to provide the protective barrier of your skin from harmful UV rays and low humidity. Your skin is prone to be drained out mostly at night when the temperature plummet dramatically.

Then, Use nutrient-rich emollients, holding ceramides (lipid molecules), fatty acids and hyaluronic acid, all of which excellently lock your skin in moisture.

Daily apply ultra-moisturizing products

Moreover, you should use moisturizers with oil-base rather than water-base to emergently rescue your skin from savage dehydration.

4. Drink Plenty of Water and Milk Frequently

Plenty of milk intake for moisturizing skin

Undoubtedly, water is a perfect solution for skin complexion, not only reducing breakouts but also hydrating skin from inside. Additionally, milk might be not good for acne-prone skin as arousing more sebum or oil production.

However, for extremely dry skin, milk is really work to defend your skin from dryness and flaky feelings. At the same time, it can help your skin absorb lots of essential vitamins from inside.

5. Use Foundation and Makeup Powders with A Translucent, Dewy Finish

An extreme dryness might make your skin less radiant and natural. And hence, your face would appear to look dull and lifeless.

In this cold condition, foundation and makeup powder that provide a glowing coverage might be more preferable. They would create a healthier, moist looking skin. Moreover, most of glowing foundation would smooth out your skin and deliver a high moisture for long hours.

Dewy looking skin

I hope you like this post and try these tips out. If you have any suggestion and ideas about tips for winter skincare, I’d love to know more. Thank you so much for your reading and support.


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