BareMinerals – Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream has won over many beauty junkie’s obsession for a better skin care formula. The tinted moisturizer earned honorable awards and reputation for its’ super hydrating property. A solution for someone who wants to instantly quench the skin’s thirst and create a healthy, glowy look. Also, it’s one of my 10 best foundations for dry skin I did note within my latest posts. I’m trying to figure out whether or not the product virtually can do its’ jobs to bring miracles toward our complexion.

1. About the Product

bareMinerals - Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue seems to combine all of features of BB cream, CC cream and moisturizer. The foundation is packed with plenty of rich-hydrating elements. They consists of marine botanicals, squalane oil (olive-derived), coconut-derived ingredients and hydrating humectants trehalose and glycerin. Besides, uses water-encapsulations to lock skin in moisture and formulated with anti-aging extract from Globularia cordifolia (heart-leaved globe daisy) to prevent external aggressions.

Likewise, the foundation also contains mineral electrolytes for revitalizing skin. It emphasizes oil-free, silicone-free, paraben-free and no artificial fragrance. This is clinically tested, dermatologist tested and unlikely to cause allergic reaction, hypoallergenic. It provides physical sun protection (broad spectrum SPF 30) with a filter of titanium dioxide (6.2%). So,the product is less likely to cause skin irritation or redness and clogged pores. The foundation has a light to medium coverage and you can apply by your fingertips or blenders.

As a “best beauty” winner of Allure, the tinted moisturizer promises to provide a 215% increase in skin hydration after 1 week. Also, dramatically improve skin texture.

2. First Impression

On the first day of using the foundation, I took out a little bit on my hand to compare the shade and my original tone. I got Opal 01 for my pale skin. It turned out to be quite disappointing I think. The shade doesn’t match with my skin tone much. It’s supposed to work for the fairest porcelain skin with cool tones. However, it do has pink undertone. When I apply all over my face, it seems to be slightly darker than my neck and chest. Looks like it gives me some tan onto my face. But, I don’t like this since I want something that is able to make my face and my body naturally have a same color. I saw many girls having fair skin also feel down because of the mismatching shade.

To address this problem, I merely rock with my NYX White Foundation Mixer to make the shade lighter by one drop or less (e.g. one half drop). Usually, I’ve never squeezed out over the amount since it tends to change the foundation’s consistency, more likely to be thicker.

The foundation is easy to apply by fingertips. It’s kinda watery, similar to serum; but not runny. Once blend out onto my face, it truly does give cooling, incredibly moisturizing sensations. It seems to set my skin free from the dry, flaky spell. Fantastic! I love this. I try not to use moisturizer and primer before it as I want to know how well the foundation solely works.

The tinted moisturizer spreads evenly on skin and delivers a sheer coverage at the first glance. If compare to the IOPE – Air Cushion Matte Longwear I did review, the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue has nailed it. The coverage is much better. Gorgeously covers up flaws, neutralizes discoloration, redness or dark spots and absolutely, not settle into pores, fine lines or wrinkles.

For acne scars, pimples and bumps, since it only can reach to the medium at best, I don’t expect it would completely bring a flawless look. But, the product really gives me amaze to beautifully blur out these nasty imperfections. At least, I can find fairly confident that it would not be noticeably visible. Moreover, the foundation quickly melts down into skin texture and leave a clean, fresh feeling without greasy or oily traces. Also, literally delivers an extraordinarily glowy, dewy looking skin. My face actually looks unpleasantly dull due to freaking dryness. However, it seems to revive my skin’s translucence and leave a seamless, smooth surface.

3. My Experience

Honestly, I’m not sure this would happen perfectly for oily, acne-prone skin. I think it might end up with a big mess of overwhelmingly moisturizing and shiny troubles. My skin is extremely dry and I do like a healthy radiance upon my skin. But, sometimes, I don’t feel I would come along with that much shine all day. Then, it may be no-go for oily skin.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue tested on my skin

The gel cream is amazingly blendable without streaks or patchy marks. When, I apply many layers on top, it doesn’t cause caked-on look. Except for one thing, 4-5 hours later, the foundation subtly clings to minor dry patches and cracks around my mouth and chin. It’s sort of imperceptible so I don’t feel much unpleasant about it. That can be because I didn’t put primer on. Then, if your skin’s terribly drained out, you should apply primer to deal with the pesky flakiness first. That enables the foundation to effectively provide the burst of hydration onto skin. Mattifying primer is off the top of my head in this case. I don’t want to add more sheen onto my face.

Besides, the foundation’s glowy coverage can last for 6-7 hours at best. After that, it usually loses concentration on my jawlines, chin, cheekbones and under-eyes. I think The tinted moisturizer should be followed by setting or finishing powder. That can regulate the glow to be more natural, like adding semi-matte as well as keep the makeup stay in place longer. Without the powder, the foundation barely does its’ job as sunscreen and need to reapply for protection against destructive UV rays in the middle of day.

Moreover, I don’t like using my fingertips to spread foundation onto my face as it’s said on the packaging. I find unsanitary when it smears onto my hands. Using brushes or blenders seem to save time and be convenient. Speaking of the smell, gotta say it doesn’t have nice or calming scent at all. I think since it includes no fragrance. But, the weird odor is not lingering to me, so that’s fine, not a big deal.

Last but not least, the foundation doesn’t mess up my eyeliner and mascara. I really adore it for that. Normally, I’ll wait for the gel cream drying down into my skin after 15 minutes and then, do makeup for my eyes. Thankfully, it doesn’t ruin my eye makeup during the day to make me get panda eyes.

4. Packaging

Review bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

The product’s packaging looks simple with a lustrous, bronzing squeeze tube and a big, black lid. That helps to easily control the gel cream’s amount that you want to take out. And, it can prevents bacteria, debris or dust to creep inside. Otherwise, the gel may run out a little bit and smudge on the tube’s head and beneath the lid.

You can see the foundation shade labeled behind the tube. The whole tube is tidy and comfortably hold into your hands. It’s designed to be portable and not heavy whilst carrying along. It’s not similar to foundation coming into jar that could cause the cream spilled out or smudged around. Thus, no need to worry to keep it with you entire the day.

5. Rating 8/10

Rating 8/10

I think every can fall in love with the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue. Sadly, oily, acne-prone skin type may have some bother with it. Highly recommend the product for normal to dry skin. I think it can work well for them. Furthermore, the price is affordable I think it’s worth it. You can check out the price right here. So, I’m gonna give it 8 out of 10.

This is my very personal and candid review for the product. I hope it’s helpful and make you feel satisfied with it. If you have any questions, suggestion or ideas, I’d love to know. Please, be open to us. That supports us a lot. Thank you so much for your time.


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